Air Marshals Stop Alleged Shoe Bomb Attempt On United 663 Washington to Denver

2010年 04月 7日 (星期三) 22:25
Last updated 6 years ago.
At least one federal air marshall onboard United Airlines flight #663 from Washington DC to Denver on Wednesday night stopped a citizen of Qatar after reports that the passenger said that he was intending to light his shoes on fire. Reports are that the passenger spent a lengthy time in the lavatory, was questioned about it upon leaving the lavatory, and gave the explanation that he had been trying to light his shoes on fire.

No explosive have been found.

The flight was on a Boeing 757-200 that departed Washington DC just after 5:30pm EDT. Fighter jets were scrambled from Buckley Air Force Base to intercept or meet the flight as it flew toward Denver. Police and other law enforcement officials met the aircraft upon landing in Denver and there have been no reports of injuries.

Officials report that the suspect has been in the United States for years.

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