Volcanic ash from Iceland halts flights in northern Europe

2010年 04月 15日 (星期四) 09:00
Last updated 6 years ago.
For a second day, volcanic eruption in Iceland has disrupted flight across northern Europe; volcanic ash has been drifting south and east from Iceland. Airspace was closed and/or flights have been cancelled in countries including the UK, France, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

The normally very busy airspace around London is empty as flights are re-routed or cancelled FlightAware showed many departures from London airports on Thursday afternoon for flight destined to the US, all taking a Southern route out of England. However, there is no activity in the airspace now.

Most airlines were diverting or canceling flights to/from the US and London including British Airways, Continental, American, US AIrways, Delta, and Air France. The following diversions can be viewed on FlightAware:
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