Asiana 214 (AAR214) Crashes at SFO - Boeing 777 - Two Fatalities, Dozens Injured

2013年 07月 8日 (星期一) 10:00
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Asiana Flight 214 (AAR214 / OZ214), a Boeing 777-200ER, from Seoul to San Francisco crashed at 11:28a PDT during landing at SFO. The aircrft came to rest between a runway and taxiway with the tail of the aircraft separated onto the displaced threshold of the runway. Two passengers died and many dozens were injured and transported to local hospitals.

The NTSB reports that the aircraft approached runway 28L too slowly and a call for a go-around was heard on the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) 1.5 seconds prior to impact.

Photos and video of the aircraft show fire/smoke from the aircraft with doors open and slides deployed. Eye witness reports indicate that the tail of the airplane separated from the aircraft, likely after impact.

Weather at the time of the Asiana 214 accident was greater than 10sm with few clouds at 1600ft and wind between 6-7 kts at 210°. The flight from Seoul was 10 hours and 23 minutes with 291 passengers on board. The aircraft is configured to seat 295 passengers.

More than 70 flights destined for SFO diverted to other airports – most to Sacramento, Oakland, San Jose, Los Angeles. Some that were further away at the time diverted to Las Vegas, Reno, Phoenix, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Seattle.

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Accident photos courtesy NTSB photo of HL-7742, the Asiana Boeing 777-200ER accident aircraft

Boeing 777

This is only the second hull loss accident for a Boeing 777, introduced in 1995. The previous accident was in 2008 when a British Airways 777 crashed short of the runway at London Heathrow due to engine failure.