FlightAware releases Version 2 of free flight tracking iPhone App

2010年 12月 10日 (星期五) 13:00
Last updated 5 years ago.
FlightAware, the world leader in flight tracking with over two million monthly users just released the only free flight tracking application for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

FlightAware iPhone/iPod AppFlightAware iPhone/iPod App

Great new features in Version 2 of the app:
  • International airport support with terminal, gate, and baggage claim information
  • GPS/FlightAware/Google Map integration to see nearby planes
  • Live refresh -- just "shake" your iPhone/iPod
  • Airport activity views (see all arrivals/departure/en route flights)
  • iPhone "Push Notification" flight alerts
  • Displays actual aircraft photos when tracking private aircraft

Available today for free download via the Apple App Store, users are able to track the real-time status and position of airline and private flights in the United States with a full screen tracking map that includes aircraft position, speed, altitude, and NEXRAD weather.

Download FlightAware's "Flight Tracker" for iPhone/iPod now.


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