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CAC CA-18 Mk21 Mustang
Wings Over Illawara 2018


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Graham Bwdn
What an aeroplane and awesome whistling past in a high speed fly-by. Great shot.
John mcGeoghan
Hi French plane? Looks pretty much like a spitfire. Post war?
Sorry bu could you educate my young but keen curiosity
jim gevay
John McGeoghan, it's a P-51D Mustang, or CA-18, the Australian manufactured version of the North American design.
It's in the Australian markings of the RAAF.

Google is your friend for learning all about different planes and answering your questions.

Very nice photo Davis.
Davis Ho Photo Uploader
Thanks guys

I looked back the details on the Air Show flying program, it says "CAC CA-18 Mk21 Mustang"
CAC = Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation.

@John mcGeoghan, the link below will provide you with a bit of the Corporation history:

Sorry, I should have put the details in the description.
Stan Robinson
Fantastic shot of this beautiful ex RAAF P51!
Stan Robinson
Fantastic shot of this beautiful ex RAAF P51 Mustang!
Alan Hume
I can't believe that contributors to this post don't recognise a Mustang when they see it, irrespective of how it might be labelled! Many countries build aircraft under licence and put their own classifications on them, but a Mustang is a Mustang no matter what labels attach to it.
Alan, very good point.
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