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Tim Marks
That old girl is one of the unsung heroes of WW2, great photo!
trennor turcotte
Beautiful take-off shot, flaps and tail up, I can see it just about to lift off. Yup, the old C47s, Dakotas, DC3s, call 'em what you will, real workin' girls of the war and some are still going; Buffalo Airways in Yellowknife, Canada are still flying them, as are lots of airlines in South America and Africa. Great old planes.
John mcGeoghan
RAF ever take them on?
John Gotch
This a/c was so over engineered that it is still flying safely 60-70 years later......
roland pfeifer
Hero of the BERLIN Air Lift & they still fly. ONE TOUGH BIRD.I had the chance to fly on one in about 1999. What great experience for a novice. It was Quite noisey.Bt the thrill was still there.
Ronald McKee
Also an unsung hero of Vietnam/SEA. Checkout or
William Baldwin
The RAF did use them, there's an RCAF DC-3 Veteran at Hamilton, Ontario Flight Museum with the Lancaster...
John Gotch
Also Hero in Viet Nam as "AC-47D Spooky aka "Puff, the Magic Dragon", precursor to AC-130H Spectre gunship.
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