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Paul Wisgerhof
Ex-U.S. Navy PB4Y-2. A variation of the B-24 Liberator with a single rudder.
Michael Beckhoff
Tanker 121 looks so naked now...
Looks good but I liked it better when it was orange and white.
Frank Rasmussen
Looks like a B-32 to me.
Robert Carver
It's rare to see a PB4Y. I didn't know there was one still flying. This is a great photo!
Martin Coddington
The last two of these that I saw were far apart but could have been the same plane. First, fighting a fire, low level, just west of West Yellowstone MT and a year or two later on the fire fighting ramp at Hibbing MN. These sightings were in the mid 90s. The Privateer, to me, was a much more graceful, attractive plane than the Liberator, both when flying or parked. Makes no sense but perhaps it was the tall tail giving it a better look.
Actually it is N2871G
William Baldwin
The PB4Y-1 was actually a twin tail B-24 with Navy Specs but was found to be less stable YAW wise,at low altitude patrol, so, PB4Y-2 was given the tail of the B-32 Dominator. This particular one has R-2600 engines.
cmard wrote, "Actually it is N2871G"...

That's true, but I believe the photo uploader was attempting to enter the U.S. Navy's bureau number, 66302, for this patrol bomber.
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