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TSA worker stole watches, debit card from LAX bags, officials say

A Transportation Security Administration officer has been indicted on five charges in the theft of four watches and a pre-paid debit card from luggage at Los Angeles International Airport, officials announced Friday. A federal grand jury indicted Paul Yashou, 38, of Torrance, on two felony and three misdemeanor theft counts Friday afternoon. Yashou is alleged to have stolen the items from luggage going through security at LAX’s Terminal 1, the U.S. District Attorney’s Office said. According to… ( More...

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This is never ending isn't it? Who are they protecting?
Fleagle 0
A " worker "? Or:
a Federal Security Officer / Inspector / Agent ?
Unbelievable. You couldn't "pay" scriptwriters to think these things up that are going on 'live' right before our eyes. I'm thankful he wasn't a Muslim . Dajjal is definitely at large.
hotdok 0
Who are they hiring & what are they paying these people? Let's learn some lessons from the Israelis how they conduct their security operations. We cannot afford another major security breach.
dmanuel 0
This is an all too common problem to be ignored. Although it is a small percentage of their workforce, doesn’t TSA and DHS justify their tactics by saying they cannot risk, not submitting, the entire flying public, to invasive procedures, because the small risk of a small number of terrorists is too great? Many companies screen all employees departing work, as part of their inventory theft control program. Perhaps it is time to consider that for DHS/TSA personnel. After all, isn’t their mantra something like the (perceived) benefit supersedes any personal inconvenience? Does anyone see a potential, that these thieves could be bribed or blackmailed into putting something into luggage, rather than take something out?
Larry Mayberry 0
I believe that they should be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole!!! Maybe that would discourage the willful theft of the flying public's personal effects...
Toby Sharp 0
Start cutting off people's hands ( or really just TSA's hands) when they steal stuff, hell there'd be so many of em that everytime you wave at them going through security they would only be able to nod back.
mobilken 0
Dosent surprise me. All we did was convert the hourly, high school educated person to a frontline high paid worker. This is a representation of the ("our") US government. This job should be a military role. They need to start screening the work force as they come into and leave the work area.
The other side of the coin, why was this stuff in checked baggage?
Larry Mayberry 0
@ Mr. Wilson... I guess the gentleman wrongfully thought it would be safe
dstreufe 0
I know people that have had things stolen. It goes on a lot.
Steve Jasper 0
REGISTERED MAIL! WITH INSURANCE! OR WEAR IT! It's cheaper than finding it on EBAY.
suz 0
The maximum jail counts yield 23 years. Make it hard time and no parole.
Rob Harrison 0
Calling these overpaid, arrogant, rude, useless drones "workers" does violence to the meaning of the word. I agree w/ Suz, 23 years is too short.
dmanuel 0
If he's convicted, will he get the enhanced patdown?
Sam Wynn III 0
That’s what it takes to get ahead now lately, if they had a degree and a job on Wall Street they would have gotten a bonus for a job well done to go with that new watch.


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