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First Commercial Flight for Boeing 787 Set For October

TOKYO -- All Nippon Airways said Monday it expects its first Boeing 787 to arrive in September, and will debut the plane a month later Read more: ( More...

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Toby Sharp 0
Tickets only 1 Gazillion Dollars
Fleagle 0
What's the exchange; what's that convert to,in Yuan(s)?
Gallows hmr.
noelkubo 0
Japan is YEN.
China is YUAN.

Lets get our currencies straight.
Fleagle 0
Thank you kubo, for Pointing out The Obvious.
Yuan is what I said, and YUAN is what I meant.( grasshopper ).
Apparently you're not familiar with the current Affairs in Sino - Asian Arena... The Temper and Tone of the dialogues currently between those Nations. Not impugning the value of the YEN, tomodachi. Gomen asai.
But CHINA is On The Advance around this Planet.. in case you've been napping - or ardently texting. The "Dollar" is hinting, -WEIMAR- as we speak; not by accident( thanks to sedition & treason in academia,the media, and high politics in collusion with Internationalists in western europe. ).
But, You've no Idea what I'm talking about, do you?
Or, what I was alluding to regards the usd, the YUAN and, your Yen .
In the event some of us perceive the Fleagle is overjoyed w /the turn of Events here, you're mistaken. You can't argue with Success. HEN HOW!; not: Banzai!
Though things may take a surprising Turn. "America", in The heartland is still true and intact, ethically . A mistake for anyone to underestimate The Yankee as far as fortitude. That includes the jaded, humanists,the smug elites. Have they, a Surprise coming.
Admire and respect Nihon, Kubo-sama. But. . . Watch The Middle Kingdom as Number ONE - in an Asia On the Rise, Globally. Sorry, my friend.

BTW, Japanese Taste & Class is still intact, in choosing the 787.
Enviably the Wisest selection. Congratulations; fair, prosperous winds.
halfaday 0
@ Fleagle

What's your gripe? Absolutely clueless and a complete waste of time. It seems to me my friend, despite your best come back, YOU still made a mistake. Period.

Put your ignorance away and start studying!

By the, remember, ALL Asian countries seem to be doing better economically. It's our economy that seems to be faltering at this point.
Michael Fuquay 0
Isn't this discussion supposed to be about the 787?

Anyway....right on, Toby. That flight will be impossible to get tickets for. My guess is, ANA already has them allocated. After all, they've had three years of delays to plan it.
Bogush 0
Fleagle ..... a poet in this day and age - wow - I love your writing it goes to one's soul for liberation
Matt Comerford 0
Fleagle a poet? haha! if you like this stuff, check out his racist rant in this comment!
Wingscrubber 0
Significant sub-assemblies of the 787 are made in Japan, this is why they're first in line to recieve one.
Mark Duell 0
They're first in line to receive one because they ordered them first. Italy also produces significant sub-assemblies, but Alitalia isn't going to get 787s any time soon.
Michael Fuquay 0
Matt, you're right; I checked out that link - Fleagle is ridiculous in his speech....and he's an alleged ATP!?!!?!!?
Wingscrubber 0
Mark, it's a little naive to think that there is no correlation between Japan's significant involvement in the 787 program and why they were the launch customer. Mitsubishi, Fuji and Kawasaki heavy industries make parts of the wing, centre wing box, forward fuselage section and landing gear wheel wells. 787 also has Japanese made bridegstone tyres, Panasonic in-flight entertainment, Jamco lavatories. So I think Japan has a vested interest in its success, and thus has made the first purchase. Ignoring this relationship is like saying that it was a simple coincidence that British Airways and Air France operated the anglo-french designed Concorde.
Michael Fuquay 0
Wingscrubber - While Japan plays a major part in the manufacturing of the aircraft, bottom line is ANA was the first to order, on June 26, 2004, two months before the next guy. That's the reason why their first in line.

Besides, Japan's contribution is just a subcontractor, while ultimately Boeing, headquartered in USA, is the manufacturer. According to your reasoning, an American airline should have the first of all their programs?
chalet 0
I sincerely hope that all the serious problems that plagued the development of the 787 were fully resolved but the jury is still out specially regarding the behaviour or performance if you like of the exotic new materials used such as carbon fiber reinforced plastic and other composites and the structural deficiencies found in the mating of man spar/fuselage and tail. Time will tell.
chalet 0
@ Fleagle you certainly have a yen for irritating people and the lose words in Japanese that you utter is not because you speak the language, anyone can obtain (free) translations of the web so whatever you say is not worth a single Yuan (= $ 0.15) And this was my 2 cents.
Fleagle 0
Cognitive Dissonance -
A condition of mind; a thought process in everyone who, by upbringing and / or indoctrination is troubled by hearing or seeing 'something' that runs counter - doesn't jibe with what They've believed to be true in their current experiences, but may not be. So the they make biased excuses, reasonable (to them) defenses, to protect what is mindfully Comfortable.
Even "if",in reality the opposite is what is substantially correct.
This mindset could spell disaster when applied to, -inter alia- Flight Operations.
You won't find a more discriminating Culture on the face of this Earth than the Japanese. That's why they are intact as a Culture. Committed to excellence in everything they do. National pride ... on, an individual, personal level held sacrosanct - Traditions, of Family, structure, all permeating The Character of Japan.
No round eye could begin to grasp nuances of language and deliberate,
courteous comportment of the Asian race. We western gai-gins have much to learn from Asians. They are patient. Most Westerners are smug; 'full' of themselves. Diversity is a 'cover' for perversity. Ask any Asian.
There's an old book (late 1950's)"The White Lotus" by John Hersey.
Invited to chk it out.

@ half a day______ I mean what I say, and say what I mean. Don't Presume to get into my head and know what I'm thinking,or,in any way put words in my mouth that aren't there... my friend.

@ the pugnacious, puerile Comerford___
Absentee fathers take their toll on young boys that grow into the adult.

Laugh more, Matthew lad. You'll feel better.
An Enema might ease your coleric, dysphasic condition, comrade. - Dismissed .
The Irish______ you have to love`em.

@ chalet_______ sweetie,.. hit a raw nerve, did I? My, my you "sound" so blase. You - are entitled to your opinion. Along with my personal chronicler/informer Comerford. But Speak for Yourself dear.
If you're looking for O.C.P.(obsessive compulsive Politeness disorder)(usually found in old people or someone 'on the make'?) you won't find it under my Byline.
That's what The 1st Amendent was written for; protection . Truth; reality is occasionally painful. So is Surgery. Ostrichism, Delusion and, drugs for the "symptom", sooner or later is Deadly. Freedom of speech in discourse is Healthy, but a dangerous Threat to Totalitarians.
If I make You nervous,dear__don't Read! the content of my Comment.
It just, devastates me that you've been... Irritated.
Simply, DON'T READ .
As for FUG,. . . Ever hear of The Wing's Club?
Didn't think so . Next time your in N.Y.C. , ( if you can get proper authorizion ) there's a large Bronze plaque with my Name on it in the ante chamber.
It's 45 years and 'more than' the 11,000 logged (I stopped;let computers),
accident-free,( thank GOD, & Flight Safety ) to date Transport,Attack, Bush,__ Heavy,Light and Rotary-Wing,HVY and Light. Boxes, People and Ordnance,and lrg scale medevac too. All ratings except Jet,and Balloon.
All over God's Green Earth and Blue Seas from Norway to Africa, Macedonia and the Straits of Hormuz,-unpublished.
Young fledges and barking dogs. . . don't phase me.
There's more but_ perhaps pearls before swine with young turks.
Still alive.Still flying.
How's that,"FUG". I hope you've the pukka opportunity to do as well.

We All should be Thankful to be in this wonderful Community, Aviation,
that transcends tribal differences. Or should.
LAUGH MORE. Criticism and contention is so tedious & 'Common',friends ...
and not so friendly.
chalet 0
@Fleagle on top of not knowing a wheelbarrow from a locomotive in regards to the currencies of China and Japan, figuratively speaking, you have all the traits of an arrogant .... whatever. I had never heard of the Wing's Club, what is that? FYI years ago I was invited to have dinner there on a regular basis by good friends of the family, one was a pilot for Panagra Airways (bet you have no clue who were they) and also Avianca executives. They were located in the old Pan Am Building. I have an open invitation by another friend for lunch next time in NY at their new-old location the Met Bldg. Now what did you do for having your name only on a bronze plaque, the list of achivements that you stated perhaps might entitle your name to be forever written in bright colors at the 102nd floor of the Empire State Bdlg. at the very least.Oh, FUG-2-U-2.
alangley99 0
@Fleagle: China will never advance far if it keeps producing low quality cheap crap. China had better not blink lest it fail to see India surpass it in every way.

As for this Boeing 787, I hope it kicks Airbus' @$$!!
chalet 0
@ kb9uwu and Bogush, Fleagle a poet?, impossible, he is a cross between a Flea and an Eagle, LOL!
patrick legein 0
Alex Langley,we Americans are sore loosers, we were having fun when Airbus couldn't deliver the A380 in time, it was all over the newspapers, Now history repeated itself with the 787 wewere so d... cocky well see where it gets us. Boeing could have developed a series like the A318-320 Neo and be a true competitor. Instead they waited way too long by being comfortable in what they had accomplished sofar, we don't have to blame Airbus with all kinds of accusations being so successful they just had a clear vision and ran with it. Proof............ the sales quota!


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