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PEOPLExpress tries to fly again as new start-up

PEOPLExpress will be the name of a Virginia-based start-up carrier that hopes to begin flying passengers as early as this summer. If successful, that would resurrect the brand of one of the first U.S. low-cost carriers to emerge following deregulation. The original PEOPLExpress flew from 1981 through 1987, when it was acquired by Continental Airlines. ( 更多...

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Tim Smith 3
More jobs for pilots! Best of luck to them.
preacher1 3
If they get the money and want to try, it's theirs to do with, BUT, no financing yet or FAA certification yet, so we'll see.
They want to make flying fun again? With nothing but economy class seating? Economy class is generally not all that comfortable and getting through TSA removes much of the fun in flying. Just my dos centavos.
Noah Rice 2
This carrier was before my time, but this may just work even though I wouldn't compare them to Allegiant since Allegiant hubs out of LAS which is a bigger city than Newport News. I think if they keep their operation simple and focused then they just might succeed. WN,NK,VX,and B6 have large route maps while this carrier more than likely wont have a network with the likes of those carriers.
Louis Vlasic 1
Can you spell G R O U N D E D ?
The Last thing we need is another airline. But--it's their Money
chalet 1
A death wish, financially speaking that is.
chalet 1
Did you realize what these guys are saying to justify this airline existence: PEOPLExpress says that, after its launch, it hopes to add service to Boston, Orlando "and many cities abandoned by other carriers. Specific route structures will be shared at a later date". Yeah right, Boston and Orlando were abandoned by other carriers, see they receive only 300 flights a day each. Well abandoned............. God, this is a deathwish on the part of the investors (financially speaking that is). The U.S. needs another airline like a hole in the head.
preacher1 1
Like I said earlier, their money, if they get it. No financing or certification yet
sstuff 1
On a lark, I flew DCA-EWR-DCA on the original PEX, and actually enjoyed the experience. Unfortunately, they were a casualty of their own success by expanding too rapidly.

The PEOPLExpress website ( indicates one of its officers was involved in the then-start-up Presidential Airways in the 80s, home-based at IAD. If I recall correctly, Presidential folded within a month; that is not to predict doom for the proposed PEX, just an observation. I do scratch my head contemplating the proposed Newport News/Jamestown base, though. The proposed livery is pleasantly appealing, IMHO.

I wish this venture success, but then, again, I did the same for Sky Bus . . . .
Ken McIntyre 1
Something I heard years ago when I was still working in the airline business...

Wanna make a small fortune? Start an airline with a large fortune!
Ken Prillaman 1
Bring the Airline to
Troy Raiteri 1
I smell a big bucket of FAIL coming..
preacher1 1
Well, as I said before, they have the idea and plan. Now they have to convince the money guru's
hardworker7 0
This is doomed to fail. With carriers like Spirit, SWA, Virgin America, JetBlue; i say no way. And isnt this model Allegiants purview?
Ryan Whitford 0
This reminds me of Jet America when they tried to start up. Everyone wants to be like Allegiant.
John Casebeer 0
Ryan is right. Allegiant has figured it out.
I don't think anyone wants to be like Allegiant!!!
chalet 1
Never flown on Allegiant and don´t think I will ever since a good friend of mine who flies a lot told me that he is "Allergic to Allegiant". Didn´t have to tell me why (LOL!!)
John Casebeer 1
I wasn't very enthusiastic until I tried it. The planesa are nice MD 80 series with leatheer seats, good service and non stop flights. You should try it.


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