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New Reservation System Causes Delays for United

United Airlines battled service problems including flight delays, faulty kiosks and jammed phone lines this weekend as it worked through technical problems in its efforts to combine the United and Continental Airlines reservation systems. ( 更多...

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Good old merger integration! I have been through two of them, and trust me, no matter how hard both IT departments plan, things just never work out as they should.

Oh the stories I could tell!
wx1996 0
Remembering some of those good ole merger integrations it appears so far that Continental IT system did a good job when they received the United data. The United system was so old, outdated, and poorly maintained it could have been much worse. Just good, that United now has a good modern IT department that they purchased from Continental. But it will take a while for all the original United employees to learn all the new systems and their tricks.
Dan Genaw 2
Switch that one around. United had the better system, but they leased it. Continental owned their own system. Even though it is a bit older and a bit less user friendly. The new United decided to continue using Continental's system because it was owned instead of continuing to lease one. Why spend the money when you already own something similar.
Michael Jones 1
Continental has not owned "Shares" for more than 15 years, since they sold it to EDS (Now a part of Hewlett-Packard). United was actually in the process of replacing the end of life "Apollo" system prior to the merger, and the decision was made to migrate half the airline to a common system than to migrate the whole airline to a new system.

The challenges they faced were from United kiosks that were in much need of an upgrade (some were still running Windows NT/Windows 2000). Continental's kiosks at most needed a memory upgrade to support both systems prior to the migration.
Paul Flick 1
I was looking to see if someone would respond with this correct response regarding EDS updating the systems there. Were you at the EDS/Xerox account? Paul Flick
Michael Jones 1
I spent 7+ years on the EDS/Contiental account, although not dealing with "Shares" directly.
Paul Flick 1
Way to go Mike.
Mike Mandell 1
Hope they have worked things out. Last Friday at MSY I waited 20 min to check bags in UAL line, then was told "you're on a Continental flight" and we had to go over and wait in the Continental line. Plane said "United" on the side,all reservations made with UAL, and UAL flight number, computer terminals looked the same---go figure.
Robert West 1
Remain Calm it will all work out LOL
ted rohling 1
too bad the kiosks failed.. i've found them to be a lot more intelligent and helpful than the united agents at the counters.. just saying
Is that so? As a long time s-CO airport agent, I have found there are good and bad everywhere. That is with both people and IT.
Michael Jones 1
I think the kiosks that failed specifically were s-UA kiosks. The reports I saw were most of the operations impact was at ORD, DEN and SFO (aka the s-UA hubs), with little to no impact at IAH, CLE and EWR.

I was involved with the ITO station opening last year, and was working alongside one of the s-CO kiosk guys. He said that most of the s-UA kiosks were having problems during testing due to age (too slow/not enough memory). Some of the first generation s-CO kiosks also needed more memory, but they were already a rare thing at that point in time, and mostly a non-issue.
Tom Murray 1
I arrived at O'Hare at 6:45 for my 8:00 flight, and having been through a few system migrations myself... I saw mostly preventable testing and planning problems. no boarding or baggage ticket paper for the kiosks, the kiosks and printers not "attached" to the network or system, IT technicians running around with emailed instructions on how to reboot and attach printers. All of which should have been preventable or uncovered during conversion testing

From the wife after visiting the ladies room, several customer service agents in there losing it, both emotionally and physically (their breakfast) from the strain of trying to service lots of angry customers

Too bad TSA was not prepared for the onslaught of passengers once the systems started to work
Robert Kreisa 1
4 months ago a United gate agent getting trained on the Continental system told me this was going to happen.
preacher1 1
This was anticipated a few weeks ago when first announced but I thought there was something earlier that it had went pretty decent or were they just rushing to judgement?
Dan Genaw 1
They completely rushed to judgement. I wouldn't be surprised if United's on-time performance dropped something like 15-20% at their major hubs.
Fred Sweets 1
Ok gang, raise your hand if you're surprised at UNITED charging to hold a reservation via FARELOCK. As a loyal United frequent flyer, I was spoiled to the good old days when I could hold the ideal reservation free of charge while I tracked down all my children to see if their schedules matched mine.


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