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FAA Plans To Continue To Exclude Cargo Pilots From Latest Duty Rest Rules

The FAA has published in the Federal Register a flight crewmember duty and rest requirements docket that continues to exclude cargo pilots from its more stringent crew rest rules imposed on pilots on airplanes carrying passengers. ( 更多...

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preacher1 5
Well, it takes the same amount of time/enery/skill to fly cargo as it does people. Once the cockpit door closes, there is no difference.
sparkie624 1
Well said, and their planes can spread just as far across the country side as anyone else's
And freight dogs need duty time protection more than scheduled carriers! Operating out of circadian rhythm etc. we're more prone to fatique. Can't count the times I've seen crew just involuntarily nod off. FAA is screwed up and endangering everyone on this - their own medical people tell them they are wrong!
KauaiGolfer 2
Having two sets of rules makes absolutely NO sense. Same airplanes, same airspace, same RVSM! A lot of money was spent bribing the right people to make this happen.
Pileits 1
I have little doubt this issue exists because of misfeasance(look it up) on someones part. As Nixon, said "follow the money" and you will find the corrupt individual.
joel wiley 1
Bureaucratic Test Question:
a) (10 points) Compare and Contrast Malfeasance, Misfeasance, and Nonfeasance.
b) (20 points) Describe which best charactarizes your actions in the last week/month. Cite examples.
bentwing60 1
Kinda hard to separate the wheat from the chafe in governmental regulation these days. What Phil said, except I think that is called a politician. The terms are synonymous I suppose.


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