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Custom, Framed FlightAware Maps of your Flights

Relive past flights or share your travels with this beautiful framed print from Sporty’s and FlightAware. The one-of-a-kind flight track map shows all IFR flights for the airplane of your choice, including departure and destination airport identifiers and the actual route flown. Also features a custom-engraved plaque with your N-number and dates. Ideal for office or hangar, the high resolution print measures 26”h x 29”w framed. ( 更多...

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Roger McHugh 4
Ordered one for the first year I had my 182 and flew to about 20 states... looking forward to hanging up in my office. Very cool.
Daniel Baker 7
Guys, this is a great deal if you are interested -- custom maps from FA have generally started at $395 and if you've ever had anything professionally framed, you'll know something this size with a plaque will cost $200-250, so I don't see where all the outrage is coming from. It's a high quality product and a good value -- neither of which mean it's cheap to make.
Laura Stants 7
Why would you stop buying all products at a place just because they sold something you don't feel like buying? Don't want it, don't buy it...
N9ZN 3
I hate to sound like a hater, I am really not that at all. But I will tell the cold hard truth as I see it.

These maps are nothing more than another example of Aviation Rip Off's. If it's aviation put a high price tag on it, seems to be the industry motto. Once they realize they have been repaid for most of the inventive process already and lower the prices on everything aviation related the general public will take to the sky's in untold numbers.
Skyspy11 3
Don't be so harsh. It's a nice gift idea ( although costly) for someone who had a special year.
When I first got my ticket, I loved looking through Sporty's catalogs, buying all sorts of stuff. They will always have a soft spot with me. And they do come up with lots of new stuff to buy !
Chip Hermes 3
Very cool, looks high quality. Probably a good Father's Day present.
When friends retire from commercial aviation, I print their FlightAware and frame it, as a gift. Would also make a great Solo flight, and new type rating gift. Or, FlightAware could offer a service that does this for me at a price a pilot would pay and including the packaging/shipping charge. Just a thought...
bthiago 1
I prefer to buy the clock watch at the bottom.
Nice frame though.
Ben Lillie -2
To me, this seems a bit pointless, but I guess for someone with a lot of money it isn't.
pfp217 2
It's cool if your flying career is complete, but man adding a new leg to it would get pricey!!!!
Michael Smith -2
Oh, um. Just another thing for those with more money than brains.
Dan Sullivan -8
Another reason not to shop with Sportys
pfp217 0
Yeah I was just telling myself I really have no reason not to buy these charts and a new plotter, but after seeing this.. I'll never shop there again!
Dan Sullivan -4
If you like their over priced shipping & products by all means - continue, but there are far more reasonable alternatives.
Foxtrot789 -4
If this was done on a digital picture frame that automatically updated - that'd be cool. This... this is just lame.


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