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US Nuclear Missile Force in Distress

WASHINGTON - The hundreds of nuclear missiles that have stood war-ready for decades in underground silos along remote stretches of America, silent and unseen, packed with almost unimaginable destructive power, are a force in distress, if not in decline. They are still a fearsome superpower symbol, primed to unleash nuclear hell on a moment's notice at any hour of any day, capable of obliterating people and places halfway around the globe if a president so orders. But the number of… ( 更多...

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The USA continues to spend more money on defense than all the nations on Earth combined. The silos have been sold off because we have so many other means to obliterate people as in nuclear subs manned with nuclear missiles among other things. The silos were being sold off long before Obama became President. Any attempt to claim that the U.S.A. is being weakened by Obama is just more right-wing drivel. We know that the right-wing hates Obama but lets try and stick with the facts rather than make things up. There are plenty of real issues that are wrong about Obama. This isn't one of them. Happy holidays!
This is flightaware not artilleryaware.
BaronG58 1
Well said James!
bbabis -2
Should we expect anything else with this administration? I pray we can survive their goal to tear down America from within, for that is the only way we can be defeated. Remember, throughout history we have never been attacked because we were too strong.
preacher1 5
Took us several years to get Japan and took us 10 years to get Bin Laden but we did it. As long as that resolve to retaliate is not weakened hopefully it will serve as a deterrent. It was about 60 years between Pearl Harbor and 9 1 1. Hopefully it will be that long at least from 9 1 1 until someone has the courage to try it again and meet the same fate.
Johan Muller 4
if your history is limited to the last 10 years or so, you are absolutely right. If not, shame on your ignorance.
bbabis 2
Merry Christmas Johan! I'll let that one go.
Johan Muller 1
. . and a Merry Christmas to you to Bill, and safe landings in 2014.
BaronG58 0
James..the right disagrees with Obama not hate. If you sincerly think about it is the left that can only express itself by name calling..right-wing drival..haters so on and so on. Don't take my word for it...just pay a little more attention when the left talks.
The right is always demonized. .we are not to be trusted. can trust only as far as they can be trusted. Now in closing I want to point out even tho I disagree with your blanket statement that the right are haters
I have not called you names and respect your right to express yourself


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