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Delta to Spend $770 Million to Upgrade Aircraft Interiors

Delta Air Lines announced that it will invest over three quarter billion dollars to refurbish the interiors of its Boeing 757-200, 737-800, Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft. The upgraded interiors will feature power outlets at every seat, slimmer seats with adjustable headrests, overhauled lavatories, and other features that will enhance passenger comfort. ( 更多...

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ToddBaldwin3 15
The main thing any airline can do to increase comfort is to increase the both the width and the pitch of the seats. I know, this reduces the number of paying customers on each flight, but the tiny seat space alloted for economy is horrible.
I agree. The airlines have become totally inhumane. I am only 5'9 with moderate build, but even then my shoulders are wider than the seats. And to top it off they remove lumbar support to reduce leg room which is a killer on the back. Every year I try to fly less.
Completely agree. I'm 6'2 and travelling in coach for 5 hrs coast to coast is a nightmare already. With an even "slimmer" seat as they put it will be an even worse nightmare.
ToddBaldwin3 3
I feel for you. I'm only 6 ft. but I work overseas, so I fly home from Europe about twice a year, and anything but coach is just too expensive.
I dont understand why Delta chooses to update interiors of older planes instead of getting newer fuel efficient aircraft. Delta seems to be only legacy carrier who does not get newer aircraft. Even United & American have invested in lots of newer aircraft orders.
pdixonj 7
Easy answer...because new planes cost more money. Yes they're newer, but you have to invest substantially more capital in newer planes...and if it's an aircraft like the 787 or A350, you'd be better off making purchases at a later time, after all of the kinks and bugs have been worked out and the technology becomes more proven. Having said that, Delta "has already" ordered new aircraft...100 "new" 737-900s (to replace most 757s, domestic 767s, and A320s), and a 2016 order for "new" A330s and A321s. As for the interior updates of older planes...from a passenger's standpoint, it doesn't matter whether a particular aircraft is old or new, it only matters how it looks and feels on the inside. A brand new aircraft isn't going to make any passenger happy if the airline still has them packed inside of it like sardines, or there's no IFE, or no in-seat power/wifi, or tiny overhead bins. Delta's at least making the effort to bring it's aircraft cabins into the present even if the actual aircraft are still those of the past. The idea is to give people more of what they want without sending the airline back into bankruptcy to do it.
jas32 3
Its all about individual company's business strategy. I guess it has worked for them for quite a while.
Ethan Narber 2
Delta has a huge order of the new 737-900s. Trust me, they are investing lots of money in newer airplanes. Not only the 739s, but many new A321s are order as well.
I realize they have the 739R orders but their average aircraft age is around 17 years and continue to have one of the oldest fleets (try finding airlines with oldest fleets). They continue to use older MD-80s and 757s (which is being refurbished) which are more than 20 years old already.
Weld the seat recliners in the upright position!
chalet 3
What is the point of spending huge amounts of money only to make seat even more "unbearable" than before, 31 inch pitch is a small be any measure. Delta stinks but they are not without company
ross bonny 2
$770 Million, PLUS orders for new aircraft? I wonder how much of that money comes from the pilots' retirement plan that Delta shut down and handed over to the PBGC, cutting our pensions more than half? Interestingly, the NWA pilots who went to Delta soon after got to keep all their pensions and benefits.
Wonder how much the corporate managers will get in raises, stock options, profit sharing, etc. while the pilots who made Delta great scrimp through their retirements? Wonder if Delta will rectify this wrong, as requested by the pilots? Probably not, Delta management cares about making money, no longer about treating their employees as 'the Delta Family'?
Jill Burns 2
The chair widths in coach are ridiculous. They are tight for a normal sized person and god forbid someone moderately overweight sits next to you.
I'll bet 3/4 of this goes to adding more seats.
Let's hope they improve the entertainment electronics boxes while they're at it. The current A330's have full-width electronics boxes every other seat. They reduce your legroom to about the first two inches under the seat edge. It's absurd in this day and age to have video electronics that are about 100 x the size of a Roku box or a mobile phone.
And yes, I'm 193 cm tall and the seat pitch is also awful.
Bernie20910 2
How does a slimmer seat "enhance passenger comfort"? Maybe that was a typo and it should have said, "enhance passenger cramming"?
emma alvarez 1
As much as I think the majority of the changes are ridiculous, I think by slimmer seats they mean the girth of the seat itself will shrink. In the article it mentions that the seat will be 18" in some aircraft. With most coach seats measuring in at 17''-17.5'', that's actually generous.
Mike Boote 1
Of note - fewer first class seats on the 757-200 and more first class seats on the A320
Wow it's about time.
What really counts and matters highly is where they buy their replacement parts from. We all know what happens Overseas. Would definitely be ugly and hot too.
emma alvarez 1
Oh fantastic, more room in the overhead for carryons... I wonder if I can put my legs in there, cuz they sure as shit aren't gonna fit in a 31"" pitch seat.
One day, all these decision makers in the airline industry, (every one of these knuckle heads fly business class by the way) will realize that skimping on seat comfort will not get them anymore customers true the door. 31” inches will make sure that I will never ever never book a flight on Delta!
PVUpilot 1
Good to see the A319 & A320 getting new seats, the current ones are like sitting on a rock!!
gary campbell 0
Some of these planes might actually be 20 year sold.what's the point? It seems a waste of money,unless there is some sort of tax break involved.


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