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Passenger jet passed through trajectory of N. Korean rocket, South Korea says

A Chinese passenger jet with more than 200 people on board flew through the trajectory of a North Korean rocket that had been fired minutes earlier, the South Korean government said. North Korea fired the rocket Tuesday at 4:17 p.m. without giving any navigational warning, Kim Min-Seok, a spokesman for the South Korean Defense Ministry, said Wednesday. Seven minutes later, a China Southern Airlines plane carrying 220 passengers from Japan's Narita airport to Shenyang in China passed… ( 更多...

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Ed Berling 5
China is one of the few friends that NK has. I wonder what would've happened if they accidentally shot down 220 innocents, most of whom were probably Chinese nationals? I'm sure they'd figure out a way to blame it on South Korea or Japan or most likely, the US
bentwing60 -3
Or if it was the NYTimes, George B.
btweston 1
Bryan McKee 2
This coming from a country that faxes threats to people. What did you expect them to do put a TFR?

Seoul, South Korea (CNN) -- North Korea sent a fax to South Korea on Thursday, threatening to "strike mercilessly without notice" after protests against the secretive regime this week in Seoul.
btweston 3
Did they include a cover sheet?
Alex Rinter 2
Haha threats by fax cannot be taken seriously.
Brian Lager 2
Is that a fax?
btweston 2
North Korea makes up their own fax, apparently.
This coming from a country who's airline is the ONLY one-star carrier in the world, Air Koryo. Still, expect the purges to continue.
Could it be the same with the 777 aircraft of Malasyan airline ?
Pete Emmert 0
I am thinking this too. A Boeing triple 7 is a very secure and consistent aircraft. I, as a sim pilot who flies a few different types of Boeing aircraft, I find that they are all very reliable especially once the auto pilot is engaged. I for one, cannot see how this aircraft can crash after it has reache cruise alt...33 thou to 37 thou. it would have to be either human failure or a missile to make the plane crash. if it where a mechanical issue, this plane has built in safeguards to prevent or assist in the prevention of a catastrophic event. As in the case last year with a triple 7 crashing at SFO, that was pilot error... they came in to high and attempted to land instead of performing a missed approach.
Pete Emmert 1
New info has come up and now I am thinking highjack
btweston 1
You're saying the missile was hijacked?
Pete Emmert 1
lol funny, I wish, naa I was referring to the triple 7. still feeling the same today as I read more and more about a couple of suspicious passengers with stolen passports. No sign of any wreckage yet
sparkie624 2
At least they did not get shot down.
Any news from the commercial malysian airline?
sparkie624 1
Any's guess... My Top 3 possibilities would be (and not in order)

Pilot Suicide

For this to be mechanical, I think we would know more by now, if it was Terrorist or Bombing then someone would have taken credit for it...
Pete Emmert 1
...And there would be debris in the water which would have been spotted by now. I still think the plane was hijacked just by the fact that there was NO distress calls from the pilots. the sudden disappearance COULD be from the transponder being turned off.
cblair0608 1
I wonder if this is the cause of the Malaysian 777 crash...
gary campbell 0
Maybe they did try to shoot it down,and missed


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