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Hungarian pilot flies through Greece's Corinth Canal

Acrobatic pilot flies through the 4 mile long, 70 feet wide canal which links the Gulf of Corith with the Saronic Gulf of the Aegean sea. 26 March 2014 ( 更多...

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Tom Lull 6
Try and remember the California Aqueduct when it was under construction along the West side of the central valley. Now, picture four Skyraiders in a tight tail-chase for about 40 miles. Some farmer, without a sense of humor, reported the flight by reading the side number off the top of the wing of number 4. Damn but those were good days.
joel wiley 2
He was probably tired of the local crop dusters doing something similar on a daily basis. Great video.
biz jets 4
That was a nice break from all the MH370 dribble - posts are getting as bad
as watching CNN!!!
WOW , nice work sir !!!
Jason Feldman 3
I wish the FAA would let us fly like this!!
Andrew Meyers 1
Where's the video? Youtube reports it was removed. bummer dude.
Tom Dempsey 1
I'm not sure why last week's link doesn't work. Try pasting 'Hungarian pilot Corinth canal' in the search bar of YouTube or Google. The video is still out there.
joel wiley 1
Did that, got 6 hits varying from :49 to 8:07 in length.
Bob Barker 1
You can have just as much fun in a Beaver
Rob Kemperman 1
This site shows the movie.
I have seen some redbull shows with this pilot. Great driver :)
Rob Kemperman 1

This shows the movie of this great pilot.
Federico Kunz 1
for lazy guys, use this short link. It is OK but the task of flying under the bridge and the acrobatics are CRAZY.
siriusloon 1
There's a video on YouTube, which was posted here a couple years ago, showing a RAF exchange officer flying a USAF T-33 at low level through the Grand Canyon.

About 15+ years ago, I read an article in the USN's flight safety magazine, "Approach", about flying an F/A-18 through a canyon in Qatar (or a neighbouring country) that pilots called "Star Wars Valley". They would fly through it like Luke Skywalker making his attack run through the "canyon" of the Death Star. The article was by a pilot who had gone a bit too fast and nearly crashed and was written as a warning to other pilots about over-confidence. The flight through the canyon was something done by many pilots in the area. The idea was to do the full length of it without going higher than the rim, but going too fast meant either pulling up higher or crashing.
siriusloon 1
By the way, the video at the above link has been removed.
bob elmar 1
Where is the video???
Bob Carlson 1
Video has been pulled, try here:


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