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Montana Rail Link Train Derails Dumps 3 737 Fuselages In River

19 cars of a westbound Montana Rail Link train carrying aircraft parts (737 Fuselages), soybeans and denatured alcohol derailed near Superior yesterday. ( More...

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joel wiley 6
New FAA crash survivability test?
Guy Medlock 5
Should be able to get the flight recorders out quickly...
joel wiley 3
Pull the one from the locomotive too!
preacher1 3
The Railroads version of a regional Airline.
Lloyd Boyette 8
Better pic ( ... sad part is someone will be flying in one of these next year.
mbv9415 3
No, damage is too bad. In the picture you posted, the frame nearest the camera has suffered a complete failure. The middle one had shifted enough to damage the bulkhead protector. Flatcar frames are bent. They will be dragged back up the hill.Depending on the space available on the ledge, they may even just pull them on the shore parallel to the river, crib them there and cut into more manageable chunks.
preacher1 4
The damage notwithstanding, the general objective of the RR is not in cargo salvage but to get the debris clear and get the line open, much as in getting an airport open after a crash. I have to agree on dragging it back up the hill and/or cutting it up. They will get everything out of the river and off the banks to avoid any environmental problem and then clean up the right of way. They probably are self insured to a point with an insurer over the top end like Lloyds or somebody. More than likely, they reached their part early on, the rest will be the least of their worries.
Chuck Me 2
Any idea of the value of a green 737 fuselage? Probably much less than we think.
preacher1 1
No, and there is the possibility that Boeing had a release value or liability cargo cap on them. That is standard practice on a regular movement like that in order to keep the rate down, but you may be right, a green fuselage may not be worth as much as we think.
joel wiley 1
How much in the way of leach-able toxics are in those fuselages? If minimal, they may stay there a while. Or even become "The 73 Fishcamp - fly fishing our specialty" by some enterprising Montanans....
Bill Harris 1
Looks like an attempt at removal is underway already:
preacher1 1
idk, but I kinda think they'll get them out before somebody asks that question. LOL
matt jensen 1
Not us!
skylloyd 1
And just how will the pax know ?
Jeff K 1
We can and do repair damaged skin panels that get damaged (dents, dings, gouges) but these fuselage sections will be scrapped. As bad as all this looks, this will disrupt the Renton assy plant for not much more than a few days to a week.
joel wiley 2
You mean you can't pound out the dents when it comes to you in 117 pieces?
<need humorous font here...>
preacher1 1
In the pic off the link that is posted here, the front one has a bad gash in the fuselage. A lil' duct tape and it will be good as new.LOL
joel wiley 1
Maybe a few rolls. You know those lumber skidders that load a whole log truck at one time?
Looks like one of those in the video hauling a 20 ft section of fuselage along.

Not saying impossible, here's an old one from Alaska- not sure if FAA would go for 6 airframes worth.
sparkie624 2
That is what Insurance is for... I am sure that will affect the production line of the 737...
Last week 8 completed planes left the factory. They are delivering 42/month. The loss of 3 fuselage sections and other parts isn't going to make a very large 'dent' in production. The loss isn't all that large compared to the value of other components like wings, engines, avionics and other systems.
Without the fuselage, you cannot use any other of the parts that you deem more valuable. And those or subsequent parts will have to sit gathering dust waiting for replacements to arrive. That equates wasted money, wasted capacity.

Production capacity costs money. Three production slots is not exactly the sort of thing you bury in a spread sheet somewhere and hope shareholders and customers don't notice.

Customer:"How come my plane isn't ready?"

Boeing: "Well you really cannot expect Boeing to make everything we put in our aircraft?"
joel wiley 3
That is one of the problems with JIT(Just In Time) processing.
No widget stock means, if it doesn't arrive, the line stops.
"For the want of a nail, a shoe was lost...."
preacher1 2
Spirit in Wichita, and BNSF RR are just extensions of the Assembly line at Renton. MRL is an independent RR spun of off BN during labor trouble in the late 80's. They service a wide area for local traffic but connect with BNSF at both ends. Several trains are full BNSF trains, including power. Chances are, if pics were shown, this would have had BNSF power on it. As I said earlier, Railroad's version of a regional airline but a derailment can happen to anybody.
BN power on a run-through basis with MRL crews. Track repairs as shown is alone in the millions, cost of Hulcher (or like company) to extract cars is also in the millions. That kind of thing is self-insured. Lading however is covered by some sort of carrier depending on what it is. It's becomes part of the rate structure. Consider what the rates now are for crude from North Dakota.
preacher1 1
Last I heard it was about $30 per barrel; that's one reason Mr. Obama ain't turning loose the keystone pipeline, on account of him and Mr. Buffet such good friends. Let them tankers roll. LOL
preacher1 1
and them tank cars hold several barrels. LOL
Here's a couple more pictures from a local TV station,
Marcus Pradel 1
This is cheap compared to a chemical spill, move along..

BNSFs insurance provider is doing backflips over the cost of this incident!
KauaiGolfer 1
Just some MEK in the river. Nothing to see here.
Boeing will probably make same profit on these fuselages as on completed plane.
That should set back production for a bit.
Dubslow 1
The funny thing is, 6 fuselages is less than a week's worth, so production won't even be hit that hard.
Beoing said they lost a lot more than fuselages. Mostly parts. They said production will be impacted but have yet to assess how much.
sharon bias 1
Sure we can't pawn these off on Ryanair?
preacher1 1
For all their faults and the bad comments that gets heaped on them, their safety record is impeccable. I doubt these will be in shape to pawn off on anybody.
sharon bias 1
I know, but they make it so easy to give them a hard time. Sort of like the kid with the "kick me" sign taped to his back.
Ric Wernicke 1
That Airbus will go to any length to move an A321.
D. Benjamin -1
Better than them launching them into space like they have been doing the last 5 years.. lol... SO much space garbage out here

[This poster has been suspended.]

Matthew Unger 1
Or for people who want to build homes out of aircraft fuselages!


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