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Sinkhole opens up at DFW Airport, forcing authorities to close a runway

One of the runways at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is closed while crews deal with a sinkhole, located somewhere on the air field, “in the vicinity” of runway 18-L. That runway is closed for the time being. officials don’t know how long it will take to repair the 25-foot-by-25-foot sinkhole. The airport has six other runways available for use. ( More...

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Mike Mohle -1
They will just blame it on Global Warm----, er, Climate Change.
Tim Swift 9
I hope they get the Fracking hole fixed. ( Somebody had to do it )
Jim Quinn 3
From the time I-635 between I-35 and DFW Airport opened there have been massive problems with the soil sinking. From day 1, that freeway which feeds the north airport entrance has been sinking badly. If you have driven LBJ to the airport you would have been subjected to tremendous bouncing action and constant repairs. I often wondered how in the world the contractors could have gotten away with building such a horrible roadway. The soil in that area, along with the fault line(s) and other factors should be considered. There have been times when some vehicles have almost lost control at freeway speeds coming across from north Dallas to the airport because of the dips in the road base. It's been an E-Ticket Ride for as long as I can remember....
Heavy landing is my guess!
mercops 1
DFW Airport has known of the problems related to deteriorating underground airfield drainage culverts for many years. Back in the late 1990's we had a similar experience with a cross airport fuel pipe that crossed over one of the main culverts. The culvert was "repaired" when in truth it should have been replaced. Unfortunately, the replacement of the culverts will be a massive undertaking and will require long term closures of runways to facilitate the replacement. Let us not forget that the airport was built in the late 1960's & early 1970's and they are dealing with infrastructure that will be celebrating its "Golden Anniversary" in the near future.
Herb Fischer 1
As with most of us, I have no idea about the fracking thing. I do know that we have been enduring record rainfall over the past few weeks. I would think that this would be the much more likely cause.....
mercops 1
Please keep in mind that the underground culverts were constructed with galvanized metal tubes that would be similar to those used under most driveways in Texas for bar ditch drainage. Sheet metal, even galvanized will deteriorate over time, not to mention the corrosive passive effects of the numerous cathodic protection systems in place at the airport.
Tim Swift 1
That would be a bit alarming. Couldn't locate any pictures of this 25x20 foot hole.
Fracing doesn't take place on the surface Geniious.
lynx318 1
Not a sinkhole, accidental opening door in disused hidden missile silo. (Just as believable as this fracking nonsense.)
Reminder that the oil companies are fracking directly under KDFW. This wouldn't be unexpected, especially seeing how much of it they are doing, the number of earthquakes caused by it in the Oklahoma/Texas area, and the fact that Gov. Abbott shot themselves in the foot by signing into law that bans any local municipality from enacting a ban on fracking.

If fracking is the cause, then they made their bed; now it is time to lie in it.
Jeff Lawson 10
There was also a huge thunderstorm over the last couple of days that dropped a lot of rain, which may have contributed to the soil shifting.
joel wiley 10
Are you discounting the possibility of a Texas-sized gopher?
HerrThor 1
It's as big as Texas!
lynx318 1
Get Bill Murray on to it, he can chase it away like he tried in Caddyshack.
Get some facts before commenting about Fracking and it's results. A void 4,500 to 7,500 feet or deeper in some plays will do little to surface structure unless there was a disturbance that already existed. In which case, no one will drill a well if there was even a remote possibility of surface disturbance.
canuck44 1
Correct....and the gas is replaced by fluid. Please don't confuse the left envirowhackos with real science or logic or they will be forced to blame global warming er global cooking or climate change....or weather.
Brian Bishop 2
If you knew anything about fracking, you'd know it happens MILES underground and does not cause sinkholes. Subsurface erosion does. My girlfriend lives in a sinkhole house in Florida. It's now sitting on 400 cubic yards of concrete.
Mike Mohle 2
Yes I am sure it has nothing to do with all of the rain lately. Thank you for taking the opportunity to bash fracking, though..... Most shale reserves are over a half mile deep, and well below bedrock so do not have any effects close to the surface like a sinkhole that probably is a result of the fill material used/packed when leveling the site to locate the runways.
BaronG58 1
And yes I am sure the fact DFW area has a fault line running right through it and sits atop an ancient mountain range, the Ouachita Mountain system....naw..this could not be a possible cause, must be fracking. 8-)..
BaronG58 1
Brad...there is zero fracking going on at or near KDFW.
See the reply above. May want to correct yourself there, unless you believe that the local news doesn't know more than you.
BaronG58 1
You may want to reference current information not 2-3 year old info. There have been many studies and testing done since 2012/2013. There was one study just released by respected Seismologist in Colorado saying the quakes in DFW area not caused by fracking. Smu has even taken a nuteral/ well maybe/not so sure position. Look these studies up..
People like Brad can not be bothered with simple things like facts.
Funny you would say something like that.

When you're there and you see it happening, and the consequences, facts are staring you in the face, not just the political blather you only want to believe.
Faster Gun 1
So Brad...I guess I am supposed to believe the liberal reports?
Will they miss one runway being closed ? They have how many ?
Peter Lujan 2
7 runways; 18L will be closed indefinitely, mainly used for departures
sparkie624 -2
Must be a light news day...


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