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Passengers Forced to Evacuate Plane as Smell of Fuel Fills Cabin

Passengers arriving in Boise, Idaho, were forced to evacuate onto the wing of their aircraft Friday night when they smelled fuel and saw what looked like smoke in the cabin. ( 更多...

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preacher1 2
Allegiant Air is not on my favorite list, BUT, this was not a carrier issue as far as an airborne emergency. that said, anytime you are running older, used aircraft as they are, stuff will break. How it is handled is up to them but they are making money. You can't really argue with success.
preacher1 1
Well, the other post indicates that it started on approach so idk, other than older stuff breaks every now and then. It sounds like in the other story there was an absence of much help from the flight crew and that another plane went on for the next leg.
randomguy 2
"Passengers Decide to Evacuate Plane" ... and bring all their carry aboards and stuff with them, and then remain standing on top of the fuel tank.
Why is this NO SURPRISE ? When an airline has enough issues with trying too keep an "On Time" operating schedule, it could make one wonder, what condition their aircraft are in. The main question is; How long will the FAA and US Department of Transportation allow them "to operate" like this ? Allegiant Air, "Low cost carrier" apparently feels they owe their passengers nothing, including respectful service. They should have their wings clipped and GROUNDED
matt jensen 0
Or merged with Spirit, then grounded


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