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Airbus A380 near VERTICAL Take-off - Paris Air Show 2015

Earlier this month, Boeing released a practice run of the Boeing 787-9 doing a magnificent beautiful almost vertical takeoff. Now, Airbus has done the same maneuver, this time using a A380. Two military pilots entered the cockpit of the Airbus A380 once again and made an unbelieveable flying display during the Paris Air Show 2015. ( 更多...

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Boatinman 4
That must be French for "near vertical." that thing is frumpy...
sparkie624 4
Not impressed... Geez... VERTICAL take off... No way.. A steep turn yes but nothing impressive here... The 787 Vertical was MUCH MUCH more impressive. Not sure who Airbus is trying to impressed, but it didn't work here.
Daniel Bailey 3
Not anywhere near vertical.. From the head-on view, which gives the best impression of a steep climb, it still only looks about 30 or 40 degrees. Impressive, yes. Near vertical, no. Hyperbole much? Fun video, nonetheless!
matt jensen 3
Not even close to a vertical
Dale Brown 3
Not even close to the 787 in my opinion. Would love to see a side view of both.
Colin Seftel 5
Near vertical? Looks like no more than 15°
linbb 4
And then the next story, jumbo jet crashes at airshow. Yup lets see if we can outdo the other company. That was nothing more than show boating by Airbus lets see, hmm how did a low pass work out for them a few years back? Seems they mowed down trees on that one.
mike SUT 3
That wasn't caused by showboating ....that accident was caused by birdstrike in both engines....problem was that the birds were still in their nests at the time :-)
joel wiley 1
A whisk is more cost-efficient to scramble eggs.
And the B788 was not show boating?. Most of this Boeing / Airbus competition is support of a US manufacturer and not based on logic. They have different philosophies on aircraft control but, bot are highly successful manufacturers. 777 is a fantastic airplane as is the 787. The A350 is an undoubted strong competitor. I am sure I will get lots of hate mail over this!
sparkie624 1
Not hate mail here on this one... Agree 100 percent... Boeing did a great job and Airbus tried to follow as they always do and failed miserably... I doubt that the Airbus Computer system would allow that kind of vertical climb even if the plane could do it. The video was a total waste of time... Watching the 787 and the 380 video is equivalent to watching a drag race where 1 driver does the performance of a life time, where the competition never made it out of the starting gate.
elcockm 2
airbus has to try everything that boeing does agree?
Nothing but salesmanship. I wonder what these journalists would have written about the TEX roll of the 707 prototype?
joel wiley 1
C'est impossible
sparkie624 1
I wonder what they would have written if the 787 had Tex at the controls.... I would love to see that one roll in todays High Definition.... That would have sold airplanes.
Doesn't look anywhere near vertical and a huge amount of flex in the wing in landing look beyond normal?
Which one? Agree that it was nowhere near vertical nor the B787. It is stiff dick marketing on both sides and will end in tragedy, but we continue to engage in Boeing Vs Airbus discussions based on patriotism rather than facts and reality. Unusual for a global community such as pilots.
Alain QQN 1
Greg77FA 1
They can pretend to showboat all they want at 15 degrees, but unless airlines other than those in the Arabian peninsula buy them, this plane wont be along for long. SO great for You-tube and some news, but at the end of the day - they need buyers and flyers for this jumbo.
Ian Deans 1
This group is SO biased against Airbus.
Is it a Boeing publicity machine? Are you all paid by Boeing?
Both companies build fantastic airliners, and why do so many US airlines now fly Airbus products?
sparkie624 1
I have worked on Boeing and Airbus.... Boeing is a much higher quality product by a long shot with much better engineering...
joel wiley 1
With respect, people are entitled to their opinion. An opinion different from yours is just that, an opinion and not necessarily 'bias'. This is an aviation website, not a publicity organ of Boeing or any other manufacturer, and I, at least, receive no compensation from any airline company.
US airlines buy aircraft that make economic sense, sometimes on company, sometimes another.
I hope this helps you.
Ian Deans 1
Yes Joel all true. But just look through the comments here. I'm in Australia and I try not to be biased either way. Our airlines are flying fleets from both manufacturers. But calling the A380 a brick....or a big white dog tick....or that airbus has to do everything Boeing does.....hmmmmmm
joel wiley 1
Welcome aboard to FA
I will acknowledge authorship of AB380 as the great white dog tick. There was a video of one landing and taxiing and as it turned I was struck by the similarity to the shape of a tick I had just removed from my dog. Re: the posters If you right click on the poster name you can look at their profile, see how long they have been on FA and history of their posts and comments. sparkie624 for example has been an avaiation maintenance mechanic for decades and has worked on many aircraft - his 'bias' is a perspective based on years of skinning knuckles on the birds.
sparkie624 1
I am not biased... Working on the Airbus and Boeing are majorly different... The quality of build between a Boeing and and Airbus is major.... In maintaining both planes and looking at the problems of each of them, the boeing is a much better built plane.... One thing that Boeing does and no other aircraft manufacture has done is to call in Mechanics and Techs from all parts of the industry that works on their aircraft and simply has them to tell them what they like and don't like.... One thing with that that improved the 777's reliability was the relocation of the starter on its engines which was done to facilitate easier, faster, more reliable changes... Boeing knows things break and there fore works in reproduction to make things better....

On the other hand, Airbus designs all of their planes on a computer much like a child on an Etch-A-Sketch and hope they get it right, and don''t even trust the pilots to fly correctly there for the pilot by default settings does not have full authority over the plane as was proven in the Air France Airshow disaster (Flt 296).... One big item that I have against the Airbus is its Flight Control System... Not that it is fly by wire, but the fact it is flown by Joy Stick.... Again noting Air France 447 when the pitot tubes froze over and the copilot was holding the stick all the way back not recognizing he was in a full stall, all the time holding the Joy Stick full back.... If they would have a feed back forcing the other stick to follow the other crew member, or even a display on their screens showing the flight control position, and being in that position for such a long period of time a message should appeared as a warning...

I know there have been issues with crew errors on Boeing, but they have never had a total pitot system freeze up because of a design flaw, they have never had a control movement by one flight crew member that the other flight crew member did not know about...

I am not being biased, I am speaking not only from my experiences, but experiences that have happened to others... The basic concept of Boeing is Pilot has final authority, Airbus is the opposite stating that the computers should have final authority... Where I love the use of computers, I do not want them in charge of my life...
joel wiley 2
Sorry, poor word usage on my part.
As evidenced by the crash of the Airbus A400M. What's wrong with positive linkage?
sparkie624 1
Airbus themselves admitted it was there fault due to a computer software issue... Never said anything was wrong with Positive Linkage... What I said is that I do not like a computer ever having total control even to the point of over riding the captain.
Bror Monberg 1
These maneuvers make no sense to me. They prove what? Are you planning to chase down a Mig 35 someday?
Put enough power on a brick and it also will fly!
sparkie624 2
LOL... They proved that with the Apollo Missions..
parisram007 1
you should see how they come into AKL/NZAA when they do a sharp or bank right over Mt Wellington what a maneuver for such a big jet. The 747's can do them but not as quick or sharp as the A388 SIA a/c
linbb 3
So what? Means nothing just how the pilots are flying the approach. Also there is no near vertical anywhere in the video. And another thing you can bet they were minimum on fuel and anything that could be removed for weight on that flight. Totally different with a loaded AC.
Thought the dirt blowing up along the runway edges was pretty neat.
joel wiley 0
So, how do you say 'me too' in French? Didn't seem particularly vertical to me.
I still say it looks like a big white dog tick.


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