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3D-printable files of TSA master baggage keys are out for download

If you never trusted your luggage lock much to begin with, then you're going to warily look at it in suspicion from now on. Some security enthusiasts took that photo of TSA's master baggage keys that The Washington Post published and turned them into 3D-printable CAD files -- in fact, they've recently uploaded them on GitHub, making them freely available to everyone. The person who released the files told Wired that while he tried to be as accurate as he could, he didn't… ( 更多...

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jmilleratp 4
Great work, Washington Post! (stupid) :-P
dj horton 3
Hardly a big deal. Those locks wouldn't keep a curious 13-year-old out, let alone an experienced theif. I use a TSA lock to simply keep the zippers together and then back it up with a zip tie. The zip tie isn't any stronger, but if it's missing at least I know TSA has been rummaging through my bag.
randomguy 1
Locks with the small number of master keys? Anyone who isn't TSA could always have just bought some locks and busted them open to get the pattern. All this did was make life a little easier.
sparkie624 1
It is not the lock per say, but the principal...
dj horton 2
Yeah I suppose that's true. But the reality is bad people exploit technology and it takes technology years to catch up. Once up one a time you could scan paper money into your computer and print off very detailed counterfeits (I was one of those curious 13-year-olds). Try to do that today and you'll get a message that says something to the effect of, "looks like you're trying to scan money and that's a no-no". Keys are only the tip of the iceberg. It's only a matter of time until people start 3D printing a lot worse things, like all the individual parts of a gun for example, and a lot of bad people end up with things they shouldn't have. It's the principle, yes. But the x-factor is the human element which is uncontrollable.
Torsten Hoff 1
The TSA-approved locks already have an indicator that shows when the luggage has been searched.

I think the bigger issue is that dishonest baggage handlers can now easily go through your luggage without having to let the entire bag disappear. That is going to attract far less attention and make it less likely that they will be caught.

Given the huge number of thefts within the baggage handling system, that's a really bad development.
sparkie624 2
The person that did this should be held accountable and prosecuted accordingly... I hate to say it, but this is a bad feature of the 3D printers and computers with so much power... Don't get me wrong, I love my high power computing network that I have, but in the wrong hands it can be detrimental to the public... These people need to be held accountable.
paul trubits 2
I'm with dj horton. The whole world uses zip ties for security(lots of them are numbered). If TSA opens your bag, they will leave a note and put on a new zip tie.
Darryl Zurn 1
I hope you're not using regular zip ties and thinking they are secure?
paul trubits 1
They are not secure, but they alert you if some one has opened your bag. It is only a deterrent. Thieves play the odds. They go after the low hanging fruit.
Sometimes I don't know who are the bigger idiots, the media for publishing something just for the chance at a higher rating or those folks that perpetuate the problem and endanger everyone else. Frankly, I think they should all be held accountable.
Chris Hann 1
If you think those TSA locks offer security you are idiots. The combination types are trivial to open, I don't even bother remembering the code for my own. The 10 cent lock barrels they tiny weak locks use are just to make idiots feel like they secured their bags, there are only a few key numbers anyway. The only news here is that people think this makes any difference. Just accept that anything you check is likely to be rifled by people you wouldn't allow in your home.
I never lock my check in baggage anyway, these locks offer no security at all.


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