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El Al Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Billings, Montana

The Billings Gazette is reporting that an Boeing 777 operated by El Al Airlines was forced to make an emergency landing at the Billings International Airport shortly before 0600 hours (MST) Sunday, 15 November 2015. Warning lights indicated a fire in the starboard engine. The flight, operating from Tel Aviv to Los Angeles, carried 279 passenger plus crew members. The does not have jetway service capable of accommodating a Boeing 777 and has no customs agents for commercial flights. Passengers… ( 更多...

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Billings residents also helped provide kosher food for the travelers since that wasn't really an option at the airport.
and plenty of restaurants

[This poster has been suspended.]

@MikeOxlong - most certainly they would provide you with nonkosher food if you required it. Israel is not Saudi Arabia (where prohibited foods are forbidden and illegal.) You can purchase pork, bacon, or any other nonkosher meat you desire. You could even mix your nonkosher meat with milk if your heart is set on it. The thousands of non-Jewish Russians who immigrated to Israel in the past twenty certainly do. So do the recent Somali immigrants, and the Ethiopian immigrants. Or the Vietnamese immigrants from the 1970's. Or the thousands of Filipinos who live there. Or the Christians of all stripes and flavors. Israel is not simply a bunch of black-hatted, bearded Hassidic Jews. It is a diverse, dynamic multi-cultural democracy.
Even people from Dubai found something to eat
Lynn Strouse 2
They have convenience stores there that would accommodate the ordinary palate.
StarFlyr 1
I've been there several times and what you refer to as "un-kosher" food is available almost everywhere. I've been there many times and throughly enjoyed the food. From what I've observed, most Israelis don't follow kosher except maybe on holidays (read Thanksgiving here with turkey). The US jews seem to like to put on the "dog" when they travel to Israel and go kosher flying to and from Israel.
As I do. At least you know what you are eating no matter how bad. Though the hummas is quite good.
joel wiley 3
Here is the flight:
KBIL not ready for it, no jetway, customs. Expect passengers weren't expecting 3C/37F temps either. Scheduled to continue at 18:10 MST.
matt jensen 2
KBIL never had customs either. ICE/CBP have to be brought in from either Casper or Shelby.
linbb 1
Oh they should have been then?
joel wiley 2
I wouldn't have. I dress with the thought of using the slide, but not for the weather at the bottom.
The diverted flight in question is ELY5 .
Nico Arreman 1
It will happen, you land safely after a fire report, the airfield has no maintenance team and no stairs to get out of a 777-400Er. You stand there nicely for wildcard.
Lynn Strouse 1
They have convenience stores there that would accommodate the ordinary palate.
Cliff Colman 3
Plenty of nonkosher restaurants. Some of the best are Arab owned and operated. Arabs don't do pork either. Besides, what do you think "kosher" is? They don't do pork or shellfish, and don't mix meat with dairy. That's pretty much it.
and fancy restaurants.
Rob Diehl 1
No matter what I click on, I only see a pic of the plane.
Cliff Colman 1
You got that right, bro!!
Lois Lettini 1
i Cant believe they actually let the pax off the airplane until customs arrived same thing happened in Chattanooga when a BA flight diverted from ATL those pax sat on the airplance for 8+ hours never got off the airplane until they arrived in Atl.
Sometime common sense takes over. Besides they were in a secluded area.
Dwight Hartje 1
That's a tricky situation!
matt jensen 1
No one has ever left TLV hungry, no matter what their persuasion
tony evans -6
So we have a jet liner on route from Middle east packed with passengers, who land at an airport with no facilities and no customs or immigration Who the heck knows who they are or if they pose a security threat. Hope they all got back on the plane and left again...
Cliff Colman 2
Dude. How much do you think bad guys from SandLand would luuvvvv to take down an Israeli airliner? And when was the last time that happened? Go ahead, Google it. Every passenger is searched, not just xrayed. EVERY piece of luggage is searched by hand. Armed security surrounds the planes at all times and escorts the planes from the ramp to the edge of the active runway. If some ISIL perp wants to go to LAX, the very last airline he would want to fly would be EL AL. Very likely would be stopped and wind up in their equivalent of GITMO.
Matt Lacey 2
El Al laughs at our security practices. There's less to worry about here than any other foreign airport, and they do it more efficiently than TSA.


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