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Feds Say Private Pilots Can't Ride Share Like Uber, Lyft

The ruling upholds a decision earlier this year by the Federal Aviation Administration that said the service offered by Boston-based Flytenow violates flight regulations. ( 更多...

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linbb 2
Those are not ride share they are paid to transport for profit. You cannot do that with an AC. Plane and simple. They are nothing more nothing less than taxis for hire cant change it.
bentwing60 2
Really!, nobody associated with this endeavor had any knowledge of FAR's, parts 91 and 135 and didn't go to a FSDO for an interpretation as to whether or not it would "FLY". Oh well, the lawyers once again make money.
This is absolutely ridiculous. Every time the GA community comes up with creative and more affordable way to fly or to get from point A to point B there is the federal government, at every damn corner just waiting to shut it down. If this is the case, than Uber should not be legal. For those of you who say that commuting by car is a lot different than by plane, you're correct, Commuting by plane is a hell of a lot safer than by car and should be able to bypass any of the nay sayers just the way Uber did.
Richard Coxey 6
I think your missing the point, it's about Private Pilots, you know the pilots with only 40 hours and not required to meet the knowledge or flight experience as a commercial pilot. The planes do not have to meet the safety standards, instead of inspected every 100 hrs, they would only have to be inspected once a year, so there's a lot of difference in Uber and that Private Pilot and his plane.
JohnTownsley 3
Better check your stats: Overall GA safety states are about as bad as pre-helmet law motorcycles, and personal flying is the biggest drag on the GA averages. Spend a little time looking at the NTSB.GOV aviation accident data and reports. There are very good reasons why the FAA requires air taxi to meet higher standards than private pilot and Part 91.
Egadnow 1
Delete duplicate. My dinky ipad is acting up again.
Richard Coxey you are right on point. No mention of Commercial Pilots because they can carry passengers for hire and have a significantly higher level of training and experience than a Private Pilot.

Egadnow 1
Passengers who pay for their ride are entitled to the increased safety of higher pilot and aircraft qualification. Please note that there was no change to the FAA approved cost sharing on non comercial flights. From a practical standpoint I would worry more about the liability insurance aspect. Please let us know if there ia a company who would insure such an operation at an affordable cost.
Chris Griffith -1
The Gestapo rides again to save us from the perils of life.


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