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Southwest Boeing 737-700 at Sacramento on Jan 9th 2016, bird strike into both engines

A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700, registration N7734H (there are currently a total of zero reports registered for this aircraft and the airline Southwest itself has been mentioned in 133 accidents or incidents) performing flight WN-3097 from Sacramento,CA to Santa Ana,CA (USA) with 110 people on board, was in the initial climb out of Sacramento's runway 16R when the crew reported flying through a flock of birds... ( 更多...

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canuck44 21
"The aircraft of the type Boeing 737-700 is currently featured in up to 190 incidents or accidents up until today."

Why would this publication throw out a meaningless number like this? There are over 1200 of this version (counting BBJ's) in service and no indication of the types of "incidents or accidents" to which they refer. This sounds like an attempt to sensationalize a situation well handled by the crew.
Agreed. That's like saying that there have been 20,000 accidents involving Honda Accords - a totally meaningless figure in the context of an isolated incident.
I have to agree, reading it made me wonder what this had to do with the price of rice in China.
Jim Groebner 4
Both engine continued to produce power, I like that. I hate it when they both quit and you have to ditch in the Hudson.
ken young 1
Ironically, today ( Jan 15) is the 7th anniversary of the "Miracle on the Hudson".
Mike Boote 3
The Sacramento airport is surrounded by rice fields. This time of year those fields are lousy with migratory birds. Great if you're a duck hunter, not so great if you are trying to fly a plane.
Hugh Somsen 1
Sliced Roast Duck?
Not surprised in the slightest that this happened. SMF is right in the center of a major flyway for birds, and strikes happen all the time there. They're not always birds, either. A few years back, I helped clean up the mess left when an A319 tried to make a bat into a hood ornament. Didn't go so well for the bat.
Tom Bruce 1
WAS an AT controller there for 5-6 years... birds birds birds - flocks of big ones would show up on radar...
MH370 0
a "cautionary" tale at best for those in aviation..birds are meant to fly and migrate..people were not made to!


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