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Incident: Condor B767 at Halifax on Jun 28th 2016, uncommanded roll

A Condor Boeing 767-300, registration D-ABUM performing flight DE-2414 from Frankfurt/Main (Germany) to Halifax,NS (Canada), was on approach to Halifax when the crew noticed some uncommanded roll of the aircraft that was countered. The aircraft continued for a safe landing on Halifax's runway 23. ( 更多...

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Nathan Cox 1
So far, the best explanation of this is an un-commanded roll requiring a persistent 2° Input of aileron control in the opposite direction of the role. This is the only thing that makes any sense.
Jim DeTour 1
Hate to think it was heat rising off the lakes lifting a wing or the rudder wasn't engaged by the autopilot. Too many airline pilots get their hours on autopilot then feel disoriented in control of the aircrafts. Hope its not a computer problem appearing. Saw one crash related to the only way to get rid of flight control systems errors was to reboot the computer.....the reboot in a rocking and rolling thunderstorm proved fatal since it turned all flight reference instruments off for a minute or two. Seen some way too sad stuff especially a procedure like that being certified for flight.
Nathan Cox 1
That's why I almost always fly up to rvsm airspace by hand. Good to have a sense of what the airplane is doing. I usually kick auto off when cleared for a visual approach also. Good to keep the stick and rudder skills active. I agree about the reboot as well. Probably better to wait for more visual type weather before rebooting a flight instrument. Even if one is not indicating correctly. Usually there is an "abnormal checklist" procedure for correcting this.
bentwing60 -3
"The captain announced in the waiting lounge, that the aircraft had shown a 2 degree uncommanded roll during the approach to Halifax, the cause of which could not be determined". Maybe the ever so well informed avherald meant 20 degrees, or not, but a 2 degree roll is almost imperceptible and thus I wonder. A split flap condition yields 20 or 30 degrees in short order. More to come, I hope. Nah. If the "herald" and several other airline parasitic media outlets went away, gosh we might recognize this site for what it was a few years ago.


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