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Airbus Pop.Up concept attaches a self-driving EV to a self-flying drone

Airbus is bringing a whole new meaning to 'fly-drive' with its radical Pop.Up concept: an electric car with a detachable passenger pod which can be airlifted by a supersized drone to fly over congested traffic. ( 更多...

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luis ribeiro 2
keep on dreaming....
geckoVN -1
Same story, but it doesn't bitch about ad-blockers

Yeah, because people who write stories don't deserve to make a living right? I suppose you do your job for free and don't expect anybody to pay for your services?
geckoVN 1
You read my post. Does that mean you owe me money?
Steve Johnson 0
Yeah, like writing one line makes you a professional journalist, LOL!
geckoVN 1
Journalism isn't rewriting a press release.

The article I linked has "actual photos" (of the concept build) as opposed to the "artists impression" offered in the OP link. In short, my link is more informative.

Better still is the original press release:
(also without ads.

As it happens, I am in a remote location with rather expensive data. Downloading ads costs me more money than your "professional journalist" earns from making me watch ad for things I don't want.

You are saying it is immoral for me to read my news from sites that don't have ads?

austbt (the only site you have linked in the past couple of years) has useful info, but it is not technically oriented, so most readers here will not find the detail they are looking for.


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