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Boeing begins construction of first overseas plant in China

American aviation giant Boeing has started construction of its first overseas facility in the Chinese port city of Zhoushan as part of its plan to produce 737 aircraft. ( More...

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patrick baker 3
recall the similar feeling german beer brewers had when they put a german style brewery in china over a hundred years ago. Tsing Tao beer is the name of the brand , and the chinese kicked the germans out of the country. Are you listening Boeing company executives? What do they need from you after a few years or less of assembling 737 aircraft?
john russell 2
Hi guys, I'm from the UK and understand very well about the problems Boeing will face in China. I see Airbus has also gone down the same road. Reminds me of an incident that happened just after the 2nd WW when the Japanese were also into copying American products, they even named a town usa-without the full stops! So they could really say the product was made in usa!This is just the corrupt CEO's at Boeing-trying to earn even more money,why I dont know,they have influence over the President,past and present and currently earn more than a two dozen senators.
Jim Drummond 2
MMmmmm Risky
Ron Nash 1
How long before we see the Chinese "quality fade" problem emerge in Chinese-built Boeings?
We are talking one of the most corrupt countries in the world, where bribery is a daily problem, where substitution of materials of lower grade that are not within specifications is well-known, where unauthorised changes in suppliers of materials and services is carried out, because of corruption.
Caterpillar learnt the hard way, with its JV in China in the late 1990's.
Caterpillar had all of the above problems - plus the crooked Chinese JV directors transferred shares to themselves and compatriots without Caterpillars approval!
To add insult to their already outrageous actions, the Chinese directors continued to produce Chinese-built products branded "Caterpillar", and used all of Caterpillars trademarks and logos with impunity, for years after Caterpillar cancelled the JV deal!!
It took SEVEN YEARS for Caterpillar to finally nail the Chinese fraudsters, through the Chinese courts - but the damage done to Caterpillars product reputation, and the amount of fraudulent "Chinese Caterpillar" products, will be in circulation for years to come.
The book, "Poorly Made in China" by Paul Midler, has just as much relevance today as it had when released, despite the protestations by the Chinese that all their quality and corruption problems have been solved, and that there are no problems with Chinese manufacturing.
Ha, that sounds all very familiar. It's like reading about what brought the Space Shuttle down!!!
Shortcuts, buddy contracts, pay-offs, and saving money. Happens everywhere. Not just China.
Ron Nash 1
But China is especially noted for this type of problem. The Chinese have a distinct preference for the "cheap option" in everything they do.
They do not understand what consistent, outstanding quality, and fixed standards and superior levels of product, mean.
To them, cheap is best. For many simple products, that may hold true - but when it comes to aerospace, lifting, tooling, earthmoving products, and numerous other areas where consistent high quality is vital - this is where the Chinese can consistently fail.
Ian Deans 2 happens everywhere...not just China. They might have done this once, but not in this day and age. No reason to believe Airbus and Boeing are going to risk their hard-won reputations for quality in this huge market.
Ron Nash 1
I can well imagine it won't be long before the Chinese Boeings being found to contain asbestos products - despite being certified as asbestos-free. This has already happened with exported Chinese cars.
Then there's the Chinese lifting equipment that was all certified and guaranteed to meet all the European, British and American rigging standards and quality specifications.
That certification was found to be fraudulent when a number of loads fell to the ground after Chinese lifting equipment failed, due to sub-standard materials and sub-standard heat treatment.
The list of Chinese manufacturing failures is long.
The simple reason American companies fall over themselves to move manufacturing to China is the massive increase in profit levels because of the vastly lower cost inputs of Chinese manufacturing.
Look for the likes of deals where Boeing get given land and factories for peppercorn rent.
I know one guy who has moved to China to design and manufacture a light aircraft.
The local government GAVE him a factory, rent-free, for as long as it takes for him to become successful!
Jim Drummond 1
I would recommend a Strict quality control process. In particular the quality of any metals including wiring.


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