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MH370: Murder of man investigating missing plane sparks conspiracy theories

The murder of a man who spent years searching for the debris from missing plane MH370 has fuelled conspiracy theories surrounding the plane's disappearance in 2014. Zahid Raza, Honorary Consul of Malaysia, was shot dead in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, last week. Authorities are still trying to identify a motive. His death has prompted speculation by French news website ZINFOS 974 that he was involved in a kidnap conspiracy in 2009, while others have expressed concern about… ( 更多...

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sueridge307 3
Sounds like the Russian's love MAS as target practice. MH17 now MH370 I do believe myself the wreckage or grave yard is on the coast of this island
parisram007 2
What about KAL007 the b741 shoot down wasn't that something. I do believe this is true. MAS are hiding a lot and well know where the grave yard is > Strangely enough why has the CIA come out about this they would know everything


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