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Supply Chain Stress, Number of Variants Challenge Boeing 737 Production Rate Hike

Current production rates and complexity in the transition between the Boeing 737 NG and 737 MAX is straining the supply chain feeding Spirit Aerosystems, its CEO told a JP Morgan conference March 14. ( More...

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jdando 3
The article states "SWAT" teams and then "SWAY" teams. Which is it? Perhaps Tim/Tom could tell us. Journalism hitting a new low.
Larry Toler 2
I worked for a parts supplier and most parts were aftermarket. The MAX is too new to have a lot of spares on hand. I haven't read the article yet but I bet this guy is going to make a killing in about two years once the MAX is in a stronger rotation with several airlines.
Re-accessing the market trend, perhaps 737 MAX may have the highest mussle!
Larry Toler 3
I read the article. But is the CEO's name Tom or Tim? Whoever edited the article was asleep that day.
Leon Artac 1
If Spirt can't supply, maybe someone else can? I bet Boeing is looking.


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