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South Korea fires hundreds of warning shots at Russian military plane

South Korean warplanes fired hundreds of warning shots at a Russian military aircraft that entered South Korean airspace on Tuesday, defence officials said. ( 更多...

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Timothy Reno 6
Firing Warning should be modus operandi.
Sends a message of strong unwavering resolve. It appears the Russians and Chinese were acting as provocateurs.
Shenghao Han -7
Yeah, like US doesn’t regularly fly P3 and P8 into South China Sea or something...
Timothy Reno 5
South China Sea doesn’t belong to China. No more than the Gulf of Mexico belongs to Mexico... That is open water... It’s nearly a 1000 by 800 miles or 800000 Square miles. In no way shape or form does the United States of America show aggression while conducting maneuvers over the “South China Sea”.
siriusloon 2
The problem arises when one country claims the territory and airspace above it and another one (or more) dispute the claim and don't recognise it. For example, the USA doesn't recognise Canadian claims to the waterways between its Arctic islands because it suits its purposes to ignore the claim.
siriusloon 3
If the pilot pulls the trigger and fires 100 rounds, that's ONE shot, not 100.
Cansojr 1
Please read "Thud Ridge" by Col. Jack Broughton will clarify this issue for you.
siriusloon 1
I have an autographed copy and I have read it several times. I stand by my comment.
John L. Sullivan 2
Without concrete tactical data we are all shooting in the dark. ADZs serve a purpose and a country's right to defend its rational ADZ,(not as half of the South China Sea), is well accepted in international law. As we pull the trigger, it stands us all well to remember we are killing people not aircraft.
John L.
Scott Eisenhart 2
What they SHOULD have done was to initiate a missile lock on the AC, the pilots would have gotten that message LOUD & CLEAR.
srobak 1
You need to stop watching movies
Leo Dikinis 1
It’s good that each party has military attaches to provide lines of communications. It would be frightening it this was left to the “Cookie Pushers”.

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Ricky Scott 18
Cant you leave politics out of it.
Cansojr 9
Hi Ricky, how do you leave politics out of a heavily politicized industry?
crk112 1
You must live under a rock
hd rider -1
Evidently you don't require facts to make an emotional decision.
Dennis Stockton 0
The Communists should have been given a remembrance of KAL 007, but it seems only Turkey had (no longer) the guts to shoot down a Russian fighter jet.
Cansojr -3
Warning shots are normally used to encourage an intruder to leave the South Korean ADIZ or Air Defence Identification zone. It is a global practice. We send fighters up to intercept snooping Russian TU95 Bear Delta's.
jbqwik 5
While it's true that ADIZ intercepts are common practice, warning shots are not
hd rider 3
It's the language they understand.
siriusloon 2
No, warning shots are not "normally used" and it is not a "global practice". I have met and interviewed several pilots, both American and Canadian, who have intercepted "Bears" and other Soviet and Russian aircraft, some of them at the height of the Cold War and some more recently, and not one of them EVER fired a single round. You watch too many bad movies.
Scott Eisenhart 0
Missile lock would have sent the message LOUD & CLEAR to the pilots!
siriusloon 1
Russian pilots are under strict ground control and if Boris back at base tells them to fly a certain course and to maintain it, they do. Individual initiative, such as your shouted suggestion, would have no effect on the pilots' actions.

Not every aircraft has sensors to tell it when a missile is locked on, especially an IR missile which doesn't emit anything until it's launched and then the only "emission" is from its rocket motor.
srobak 1
It doesn't work that way


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