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Striking British Airways pilots stripped of free flight ‘mega perk’ by defiant airline bosses

STRIKING pilots were today stripped of their staff travel concessions for three years by defiant British Airways bosses. ( More...

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As an unimportant fare-paying passenger what I regret is the fact that BA is directed and managed by a crowd of barrow boys who, over many years, have turned a once great airline into a low grade, unreliable, under-staffed, over-expensive cash cow for them and their city slicker cronies. It's the modern management method i.e. if you can't manage, charge more and pay less...and if you can manage, charge even more and pay even less...simples innit?
Kobe Hunte 2
I think the strike is coming back and biting the pilots. They made the airline lose millions when they could be getting paid, and then they lose the perks from angry BA bosses. Great.
nomad2 1
The pilots were striking on behalf of all employees as this was the most crippling and effective way to take action.
siriusloon 1
It's a negotiating tactic. The airline will eventually agree to give it back in order to get the union to give up one of its demands.
Andrew Tyler 1
I find it incredible that there is a conversation on here about an article that appeared in the SUN.
Gary Friar 1
I hope this also goes for retired pilots
Highflyer1950 1
I’ve never been a fan of pilots or Flight attendants for that matter, commuting to work via empty seats on an airliner. I think crews should live within 1 to 1 1/2 hours away from base using ground transportation. One of the perks as everyone calls it was the ability to travel standby at a greatly reduce rate for vacation or personal reasons. You work hard your whole career and this is what the airlines do for you in retirement/vacation if a seat is empty. This crap about those with 2-5 years seniority jumping the cue in front of those with 25 -30 years in, who helped build the company just to go to work is BS. Think about the next time your flight is delayed due to the fact they can’t find a Captain or FO because all then seats were full on their commuter flight to work? The crews ground the airline and when the company takes away their little benefit they throw a hissy fit! Probably said too much!
siriusloon 3
If everybody had to live within 60 to 90 minutes of where they work, a lot of people who commute to big cities would be out of work. Before posting a genius idea, ponder the unintended consequences.
Highflyer1950 0
Speaking of genius! That was the normal, especially for those on reserve that had to be ready on a moments notice. Let’s not talk about everybody, just the ones who have a real timetable to their profession and don’t bet their job on an empty seat to get to work! What job do you have?
Richard Haas 1
Maybe that was the old normal. I would note that after Sun Country dismissed its ground handling employees the contractor that replaced the contractor had to positive space in ramp workers to MSP from other states.
Highflyer1950 1
Agreed, airlines have been moving crews around on other carriers with ID 50 (pos space) and still do it. That is quite different than employees choosing to live well beyond reasonable travel time to work, then relying on their own or competing carrier to get them there? Sun Country brought that upon themselves and I’ll bet that option was short lived. All I’m saying that Flights Crews (some) think nothing of disrupting the travels of their customers but when you pull a travel “perk” away from them all hell breaks loose. That’s the catch 22 of Union and non-union workers, it works up to a point until it doesn’t! Interesting that the normal was/is when the company and the employees were at odds over contract talks, those striking union members travel perks were suspended.
bentwing60 1
Not too much, just too accurate.
What has this to do with the BA strike? Keep to the topic!
Stuart, read the title of the article one more time.
patrick baker 1
was the offer put to a membership vote, and if so, what was the result? Time to jetison the leaders and put someone else in now, then go to management and beg for a do-over.
siriusloon 3
So you'd be in favour of a national referendum every time Congress or the President makes a decision. That would be the ultimate "membership vote" by your logic. Citizens, as well as union members, elect leadership to, well, lead.

But that kinda knock big holes in your union-hating, doesn't it?
James T 0
"The pilots are moaning about their £200,000 a year pay..."
"The pilots are moaning about their £200,000 a year pay offer..."

Context is key, James T.
nomad2 1
Go and read what the strike is about before uttering nonsense.
Kobe Hunte 0
Do they really get paid 200k a year?
Richard Haas 3
Glassdoor says half that:,21.htm
Kobe Hunte 1
Oh ok.. Makes the strike look more seeable.
Rico van Dijk 0
I wonder if all BA Balpa members were actually aware and in agreement of the reason for the strike. The media is painting the greedy rich pilots very colourful with all their money. Those poor directors had no other solution than to remove the cooky-jar. How very British...
belzybob 2
IAG is not British.
The negotiations are between BA and BALPA, IAG are not directly involved or represented.
Jon Herd -1
These idiot union bosses got a bot greedy.
John Ward -1
At last a company is fighting back! 11% increase over three years on a £200 grand salary and its not enough? They screwed so many peoples business and holiday travel this year the sooner they are brought into line the better. All power to British Airways!


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