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MSP Airport survey of travelers: 40% willing to fly tomorrow

Demand for air travel at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport this holiday season was the strongest since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold last spring. And a survey released Monday indicates that more than 40% of the passengers queried said they'd travel again tomorrow if they could. ( 更多...

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cypryfyx 1
It’s funny, my kid and I were just talking about sampling biases the other day; the best example we came up with was an online survey asking if the participant had internet access, but asking people in an airport if they feel it’s safe to be in an airport comes damn close.
CampGirl 1
Brings to mind the saying, "Figures don't lie but liars figure". You can make a poll or survey turn out how you want by how and who you poll.

Considering the people were already in the airport flying you would think it would have been higher than 40%. The whole experience must have been bad.


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