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UPS ‘Futureproofs’ Airbus A300s with Primus Epic

UPS expects to extend the service life on its Airbus A300s by at least another 20 years with a project to upgrade their cockpits with Honeywell Primus Epic avionics. Speaking with reporters on a videoconference Monday, UPS Aircraft Maintenance director of engineering Ed Walton said the upgrade to UPS’s 52 A300s will also allow for further operational flexibility, giving pilots more ready access to airports, for example. ( More...

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ADXbear 23
Good to see old birds get new feathers instead of a desert death.
patrick baker 5
forty years of utilization is a fine achievement, even though they are today halfway through that. The A300 was a good passenger plane- eastern air lines had lots of them, so I did get to be a passenger often on those. As a cargo bird, the numbers are good enough that UPS intends to keep them for 20 more years, more orless.
Christian Parada 2
Tales From the Punchbowl is still my favorite.
Peter Steitz 1
I got typed in the Dornier 328 in 1995. It had the Primus 2000. What a beautiful system that was and far ahead of it's time. Good to see Honeywell has the Epic.
Jesse Carroll -1
The Boeing 767 copy? Right?
Does the 767's need the same upgrades.
Maybe Fed Ex can tell us!Just asking!
Keith VanLierop 2
Well, since the A300 first flew in 1972 and the B767 in 1982, it would be tough to convince anyone that somehow Airbus copied Boeing on an airplane that is a full generation earlier. With that said, to address your question about panel upgrades in the Boeing; yes, there are several similar retrofit programs for the B757/767 series that are well-established.


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