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US Airlines To Get Another $14 Billion In Government Aid

The United States Senate passed a stimulus package on March 6th that will include another $14 billion for airlines under the Payroll Support Program (PSP). The support package will preclude airlines from laying off or furloughing additional workers through the fall and keep people employed. Though the full package has a few more steps to go, it is quite likely that the airlines will have another $14 billion headed their way. ( 更多...

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ADXbear 3
My wife and I buy 3 tickets anytime we fly so we have lots of width for our stuff and a few extra lbs.. if you fly on southwest, they will automatically refund you on the middle seat..
this is a good thing for not only the airlines,so they can stay in business and not lay off people,but for the public..although people are mot flying everywhere as the were for several years,it would be far worse if several carriers were to go into bankrputcy and be dissolved because of the pandemic,leaving thousands unemployed and people with NO way to travel far distances..things are beginning to improve, and that will continue we can all hope...
billybob snaketail -5
Anyone over 250 lbs. should be banned from commercial flight unless they purchase 2 seats.


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