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FlightAware: Sector-by-Sector Analysis of the Impact of COVID-19 on Aviation

In a recent webinar hosted by Rebootaviation on post-COVID aviation recovery, FlightAware's Toby Tucker shares a sector-by-sector analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on aviation. ( 更多...

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wtwisniewski 1
Airline travel turned an outbreak into the pandemic. Had we reacted optimally, we would have gone into complete lockdown immediately in Dec. 2019 until experts determined what was spreading where, and in a short time we could have isolated the localized virus while returning to normal life everywhere else. We, instead, have taken the more costly route with millions of lost lives and immeasurable livelihood and business loss, and 18 months later the pandemic is still far from over. You can't fight a pandemic with partial measures, i.e., flattening peaks. Extreme circumstances require extreme measures dictated by the nature of the pathogen, not politicians. I hope we never botch a response this way gain. (This is not the last potential pandemic bug.)


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