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Utah County pilots perform unique Christmas Eve rescue

On Christmas Eve, as a couple thousand flights were canceled across the country, many eager holiday travelers discovered they would not make it home for Christmas. Realizing this predicament for so many passengers, a couple of pilots in Utah County used their skills to help in an unexpected way. The Patey brothers live to fly. When they took off from Utah Friday afternoon, they were delivering an extraordinary gift to a young couple they didn't even know. ( More...

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So generous and kind!
P A 4
Awesome. Thank you for your kind gesture to this couple. Happy holidays from across the pond 🎄
Incredibly thoughtful effort to help get people home for Christmas, at the cost of missing their Christmas Eve.
Amazing, a really outstanding job !!
such a kind gesture.
b l 3
Not surprised at all when I saw that the Pateys were involved1
James Konkel 3
Most excellent!!!!!!!!!! Hope you gave them a ton of the flight deck!!! 😂😂😂
swanaero1 3
several years there was a snow storm in YVR, in order to get the transoceanic flights out they shut down regional service due to a lack of deice fluid. A local airline (airnorth) saw all the Yukoners trying to get home, and put on an extra section YVR-YXY-YXY and as I recall charged minimally for it. the crews finally got home around 0200 on the 25th, going the extra mile, that doesn't happen with a large airline
Gregg Bender 2
Reaffirms my faith in people..Well done. Very well done.
steve sf 1
This reminded me of the book by Craig Johnson, "Spirit of Steamboat." Good for the Patey brothers.
James Grant 1
thank you and I hope you and the family have a safe happy new year
ddieterich 1
Nice story. This was a Part 91 flight with the sole purpose of transporting passengers? Hmmm...
Joe Baginski 3
No Hmmmm about it as long as no money changed hands. Then there's a foul!
b l 1
If one of the pilots is Commercial rated and current, wouldn't it still be legal even if they did charge?
ddieterich 1
Ironically, a private pilot can share expenses with passengers on a Part 91 flight. That fact that money changes hands doesn't imply a commercial operation. At least that's how I understand it. It would be nice to hear from an aviation attorney about this.
W B johnson 1
They can only share fuel expenses equally, not any other associated operating expenses, and the pilot must have a valid independent reason for making the trip. In that case no commercial license is required. However, if no money is given by the passengers (and I'm sure the Pateys didn't accept a dime - that's the kind of guys they are) the flight was perfectly legal.
ddieterich 1
I mean no disrespect to the Pateys. They are great guys. It's the Part 91 FARs that are the problem, not the intentions of the Pateys. Simply put, the article should indicate the Pateys were headed out to LAX anyway, if it was a Part 91 flight.
ddieterich 1
At this point, we are kind of splitting hairs. It's just an odd thing to advertise transportation services, then plan a flight to LAX while the engine is already running in Utah. Maybe those details are a bit exaggerated in the article.
Robin Green 1
Yes....part 91 flights can actually fly passengers
ddieterich 1
I completely agree that Part 91 flights can actually fly passengers. However, conducting a Part 91 flight to the sole purpose of transporting passengers? Not a sight-seeing flight. Not a flight that would have been flown with or without the passengers. A flight specifically to transport passengers. I ran into problems with this myself which is why I was surprised by this story.
b l 1
Were you (or the PIC) Commercial rated?
ddieterich 1
Nope. It's an issue with the aircraft, not the pilot. Passenger transport requires certifications for how the flight is conducted, not just the certifications of the flight crew. And money isn't the only thing the FAA looks at as compensation. I hear you. I was shocked at this myself. "Would you have flown without transporting the passengers from point A to point B" is the guiding question. If the answer is no, it probably isn't a Part 91 flight. I didn't just dream this up.


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