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Airbus: Asia-Pacific region will need over 17,600 new aircraft by 2040

SINGAPORE — In the next 20 years, passenger traffic growth of 5.3% per annum and accelerated retirement of older less fuel-efficient aircraft will see the Asia-Pacific region require 17,620 new passenger and freighter aircraft. ( More...

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Cleffer 4
That's 977.7 aircraft a year equating to 81.4 aircraft a month if the orders started tomorrow. Good luck with that.
Roy Hunte 3
Spread that between Airbus, Boing, and Embraer, it might be doable.
Cleffer 1
There was an article today which said that Airbus is slated to build 720 aircraft this year, so I suppose it is totally doable barring any unforeseen circumstances.
paul gilpin 0
when covid-30 hits, that number will be -2.3 per month.
covid-35 will reduce it even further.
Dennis Gordon 1
China’s commercial airline is set to operate roughly 1,000 new Comac C919 airplanes, due to take flight before the end of this year. The airline industry is dominated by European planes like the Airbus and the American-made Boeing, which are battling the aviation market against China’s aircraft manufacturer Comac. The company has been testing a new passenger jet called the C919 for short-haul flights, and the C929 for long-haul. It’s all part of the Chinese government’s Made in China 2025 strategy, which aims to reduce China’s
J Leis 1
Did the Chinese steal the designs from Boeing and/or Airbus?
Cleffer 1
Of course they did.


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