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American Airlines Pilots Oppose Congressional Extension for Boeing, Demand Upgrade

In a blow to Boeing, the pilots union for American Airlines has come out strongly against granting the planemaker a deadline extension that would allow the 737 MAX 7 and MAX 10 models to enter service without a redesign of the cockpit system that alerts the crew when something goes wrong. ( More...

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Boeing is not the Boeing of Seattle days, sadly.
Terry Briggs 14
Appears that the days of "If it's not Boeing I'm not going" have passed. Sad to see a once-great outfit destroy itself for the almighty buck.
wtwisniewski 6
In today's world, the technically competent workforce is directed and micromanaged by business majors who may know money but are not competent at engineering. Engineers are grounded in physical reality so they get hog-tied because their bosses want to invent their own truth. This is just like doctors who now are now subordinate to and micromanaged by bosses who don't know medicine.
Administrators used to be subordinate to the experts in the field and were minimized as a necessary evil back in the days of professional pride in quality, exemplified by Boeing.
patrick baker 13
if boeing knows how to make the max 737's safer, even in a small degree, then boeing must do so. There is no logic for letting a somewhat less safe product out of any manufacturing place, and the government must insist on the upgrades, absolutely. The government in theory represents the safety concerns of the flying public, and as we have seen, Boeing and its board and its chairman represent only the greedy self-interests of themelves, certainly not the public interest at all. Boeing will not walk away from the initial gross orders of 700 Max ten aircraft, plus the inevitable grand total of several thousand orders over time.
alan curtis 1
There is ALWAYS a way to make something safer, even in a small degree. If your policy was followed planes would simply cost infinite dollars. My ONLY point is that there are always economic -vs- safety tradeoffs in any plane.
James Greer 6
Boeing has been going downhill since the MD11 guys became part of Boeing. Getting ready to board a A320neo. Viva Airbus in Mobile Alabama.
If it was Southwest, I'd me more inclined to lend this some credence.
It is NOTEWORTHY that 2 (TWO) US Aircrews had the same event, and followed procedures by turning off the MCAS System by reaching down to the right aft side of the throttle pedestal and pulling the circuit breakers.
No fatalities.
No event.

Because of their training.

One could posit that the foreign air crews training was inadequate.

While I don't have approval to fly the 737, I've flown everything from light single engine airplanes up to a Lear 35, and when equipped with an autopilot, they all included training on how to address a runaway Trim condition like this.

Step 1: Disconnect autopilot
Step 2: pull Circuit Breaker

What is so hard? Are the AA pilots saying they can't handle a runaway trim event?
darjr26 5
The pilot’s object to certifying new versions of the 737 without a standard crew alerting system. An ECAS, which is in every cockpit AA flys except for the 737. They are not objecting to the MCAS. As a side note, pilots flying the Max were unaware the aircraft had an MCAS system, because Boeing didn’t tell anyone of its existence. Boeing later stated the MCAS system ran in the “background” and that pilots didn’t need to know it was there. There was no “procedure” to shut off the MCAS.
btweston 2
So it’s okay if the plane was accidentally designed to fly itself into the ground.
Ed Chapman 0
They’re responsible for 100s of passengers.
Ed Chapman 1
I see. A down vote for someone who isn’t a commercial pilot or passenger.
avionik99 2
American airlines pilots oppose or is it their Union that opposes?? Big difference
Mathew Thieneman 17
Why? The Union represents the pilots, and this is a safety issue. Seems like they should mostly be on board with this thing. Plus, it would be nice for Boeing to actually get something done instead of meandering around.
btweston 1
No. Thanks for your input.
It's a simple trim problem.......just flick off the MCAS cutoff switches and fly the thing manually. You can see what's happening with the big trim wheels right in front of the pilots. This is BS started by the non-pilots media scaring the hell out of people over nothing. They never talk about one of the planes being saved by a knowladgebal jump seater the day before. Pilot error by the overseas crowd.
btweston -2
Yea simple.

Jesus Christ.
Juan Jimenez 1
Meh. It will make no difference.
mbrews 1
Not sure the main customers for Max 7 (Southwest ? ) nor for Max 10 (United , Ryan, others ? )

The customers could revise orders, and make do with the existing approved Max 8 and Max 9.

As for transatlantic, Icelandic operates some MAX 9 on rather long routes to Northeast USA.
William Ngu 1
Boeing is to America aviation. The Board and management is failing not necessarily the present but the entire corporate culture is.
John Nichols 1
An aircraft that "has to be saved" is not airworthy.. it is not MCAS TRIM MOTORS. It is both trim motors, ALL trim...
Paul Grimes 1
This seems very odd.
Why do AA pilot care since AA isn't slated to buy the 37M and 3JM? Are they telling AA management not to buy these aircraft, trying to harm Boeing or to harm their major competition who have bought these aircraft? (UA/DL/WN)
Some pilots are afraid of flying any airplane. Happens much of the time as they age. Not every pilot is a Yeager.
Ed Chapman 3
And that’s a good thing in the passenger airline industry.
It's even a good thing on the street.
John Eliopoulos -3
Greedy pilots. Typical.
btweston 1
Man. If you were just a tiny bit smarter you’d be embarrassed that you wrote that.
John Eliopoulos -1
If I were any smarter than I am, guys with your low IQ would have trouble understanding simple English.


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