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Investigation Launched Into Close Call Between Southwest Airlines & FedEx Planes

The two aircraft reportedly came within 100 ft of one another during the near miss. ( More...

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sparkie624 6
Dupe Squawk.. just a different title
djames225 4
I'm really beginning to wonder, sparkie, if some pay attention to posting a Squawk if 1 already exists. Or did FlightAware get rid of that notice while posting?
Bayouflier 2
On a VFR day this might have been a non-issue, but clearing SWA to takeoff with landing traffic inside 3 miles in low vis shows a lack of judgement. I would also question the judgement of the SWA Captain who accepted the clearance knowing the FedEx heavy was at 3 miles. Kudos to the FedEx Captain, who listened to the hairs on the back of his neck and got the hell out of there.
Roy Hunte 2
I wondered at that when listening to that, normally a takeoff is cleared if traffic is at a 4 mile final, but 3 miles seems a bit close.
mary susan watkins 1
according to news reports,the visibility was not great at the time..however..thank god the fedex pilots pulled up in have to wonder what the atc personnel were thinking...bergstrom is not a huge airport,but its not samll either..

Mark Harris 0
I believe the correct technical term is air-miss. A "near miss" implies they collided because they "nearly missed" each other, but failed to do so.
aknorris 5
While your statement makes complete linguistic sense, the term "near miss" has been used to describe this type of incident for decades. I think of it as meaning the two aircraft did miss each other, but they were too near each other (loss of separation, technically).
I suppose the lesser known "far miss" is the preferred way for aircraft to pass each other 😉.
Mike Mohle 0
To my pea brain "near miss" is a hit. Near collision or near midair is more like it.
Greg S -4
Note that the only reason MH370 is covering this is because it involves Boeing aircraft. He is not honest enough to admit this and has no integrity.
paul trubits -2
Stick to aviation please!
Roy Hunte 3
What Hreg says is true though.
Roy Hunte 1
Greg, sorry.


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