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Attempted stabbing on Boston-bound flight a 'wake-up call' to fix 'backward' system, air marshal rep says

Passengers on a flight from Los Angeles to Boston were sent into a panic Sunday when a man went on a violent tirade, attempting to open an emergency door and stab a flight attendant with a broken metal spoon. "So where are they? Where's Homeland Security?" he continued. "Pull the gun. Pull the gun… Tell them to bring SWAT to shoot me down because they're going to have to shoot me down today." ( More...

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godutch 8
It's NOT the airline system! Government (Air Marshals) always wants more control...of US. The TRUE issue is the vast amount of American citizens who are allowed to interact in society when they should be treated for mental illness. Every U.S. major city huge number mentally ill people living on the streets and in 'homeless' camps. Hell, we are ALREADY required to virtually strip by the government before flying...for safety sake. What else?
Joe Serdynski 4
who is making the money ?
linbb 2
And about those squatters, they pay no taxes but yet billions are thrown there way to fix the problem. Money never fixes the problem it just allows more to be the problem. No way can you tell me those I see getting handouts unable to do anything productive. They are qute happy living like they do and getting free help.
I agree, but what will actually be done? Oh, here's an idea! Maybe once boarded, every passenger gets chained to their seats. Before boarding, they have to remove clothing and shoes and wear issued orange jumpsuits and clogs. Would certainly make flying a whole different experience.
bentwing60 3
Don't give them any ideas, they are diabolical enough without prompting!
sparkie624 1
LOL.. that is the Truth, There is no fix for Stupid!
jmilleratp 1
If you are being "made to strip" then there must be a reason why you are. Doesn't happen to me. I want guns, bombs, knives or any kind of weapon to be stopped at the security checkpoints.
If this broken spoon is the wake up call, what does that make the twin towers?


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