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Russian passenger plane lands on frozen river by mistake

A Soviet-era Antonov-24 aircraft carrying 30 passengers landed on a frozen river near an airport in Russia’s far east on Thursday because of pilot error, transport prosecutors said. ( More...

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bentwing60 8
The pax. all walked away and the aircraft is intact. That might not have been such a 'bad landing' after all.

Do you think the 'prosecutors' will say anything as positive?
sparkie624 6
I have heard anytime you land and everyone walks away it is a good landing... If you can use the plane again.. it is a Great Landing! Depending on if the plane sinks or not depends on if it is a Good or Great landing.
Len Smetona 7
The river was smoother.
hwh888 7
I can hear the conversation.....

Comrade, you're cleared to land
Comrade to Tower, the runway isn't plowed?
Tower reply, Yes it is, but snow has blown over runway, continue approach
Roger that
avionik99 6
Now that is what I call a Frozen river!
Peter Fuller 5
Sounds similar to July 31, 1979 Western Airlines incident, in which a 737-200 was mistakenly landed at a wrong airport. The Captain got a 60-day suspension from the FAA, appealed to Federal court, appeal was denied.
D Kaufman 3
A wrong airport landing happened 10 years ago in Branson Missouri.
sparkie624 1
I remember that... Landing at the wrong airport probably happens more often than we know!
mbrews 5
Who knows - maybe the pilots were trying to imitate Sully & figured a frozen river was safer :)
sparkie624 2
At least it had more time before sinking anyway!
James New 4
In a long held russian tradition, everyone applauded the pilot for his successful landing.
Nultech 4
The airline should give passengers complimentary figure skates. Premium flyers get hockey skates..
M.F. LaBoo 3
Must've been mighty cold to freeze an entire river of samogon.
jim sisti 2
Still ,it was a much better flight and landing than the one Yevgeny Prigozhen was on. At least this one didn't have stray hand grenades rolling down the aisle and going off
japanjeff 1
Looking on satellite imagery, I kind of don't blame the pilot considering the airport looks like a gravel runway the runs parallel to and immediately next to the river.
Doug Parker 2

shows a google map of the airport and the river.
sparkie624 1
I remember one time I had to taxi a 737 (empty with minimal fuel) and was light as could be. UPS 757 (fully Loaded) stated braking action as good... UGH... I was light as a feather... could not stear with the Nose, so I have to use the TR's (left and right individually to turn)... On a down hill run (actually a slide) I had to use TR for Braking and with ineffective Nose Wheel Steering, I used TR's to Stop and Turn. Could not make my scheduled turn (going down hill) and had to go to the end of the runway (where there was a 200' drop off going down at about 70 degrees!. Used the TR's to turn around and then when I got back to our Hangar ramp had to use TR's to keep the plane stationed. with the Nose wheel steering deactivated they hooked up the tug... When I went to idle thrust, started sliding backwards and pulling the tug! Had to disconnect the tug and taxi the Nose Gear into the hangar to where they could pull me in. Did not shut down until we had positive movement before shutting down the engines... I am well aware of taxing on ICE.. it was no fun and forgive the term.. But it really tested my Pucker Factor taxing that way... Lead told me he never thought about taxing that way... Well.. I was committed and had no choice... Next morning... Someone else taxied it back.. UGH!
Doug Parker 1
I didn't see “TR” spelled out anywhere. What's that? Tail rudder? Thrust reverser (most likely)? Not having the experience spelling it out once would be helpful. Regards.
sparkie624 1
TR - Thrust Reverser!


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