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Boeing 737 MAX Woes Pile Up, Raising Safety Concerns About the Company as a Whole

While many are concentrating on the MAX series, the future of the entire company is in the spotlight. Boeing as a whole seems to be losing consumer confidence, with many passengers now refusing to fly on B737 MAX planes. ( More...

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Rick Polley 6
Gee, I must be so Stupid. Back when the 2 Max crashes killed close to 400, and the Boeing Board accepted a golden handshake, with NO ACCOUNTABILITY, Boeing lost me as a passenger right then.
Luckily,in Australia we don't have any Max series, and our own Qantas is changing it's 737 domestic fleet to Airbus. The world is starting to wake up to AMERICA and its unconscionable ways!
Roger Curtiss 4
No accountability...except that the CEO was replaced.
Lynn Goss 0
How's your Japanese? If it weren't for AMERICA you'd be speaking it.
21voyageur -4
You sir/madam need help. Maybe Donald is your answer.
Donald is the salvation of America.
Shawn Jipp -4
or the doom of the world...
John Graham 2
Hmm. I don't recall ever hearing about a door plug blowing out of one of Wilbur and Orville's flying machines. Maybe someone should take a closer look at how they built their aircraft.
CJ Hill 1
All of these companies have gate reviews from design through certification. I always wondered where was the pushback from the Boeing Fellows where issues surfaced, as I am sure they must have, during the development of the MAX. This dual career path for technical experts in these companies is supposed to provide critical evaluation and push back to balance the technical and non technical requirements of any new product introduction. Personally did a review of the MCAS for a client firm and, based solely on publically available information identified 21, yes 21, opportunities where rigorous gate reviews would have identified breakdowns in the process of developing the MCAS system for that aircraft.
Rick Polley 1
While on this topic, what really is with this blanking off some EMERGENCY EXITS because some CLEVER person says they are not going to fill the aircraft with passengers???
Why not just get a smaller aircraft and retain ALL the emergency exits? They are a SAFETY FEATURE when all said and done!!!
Next we will hear of people going to a car dealer and asking for some of the SAFETY AIR BAGS to be blanked off because hey, we are not going to fill this car with people!!!
Clever America!
William Bingham -1
Boeing is probably a victim of DEI hiring practices. Adherence to DEI influences ESG scores. ESG scores influence capital investments. Money.
Shawn Jipp -3
now just being racist so as not to blame white management.

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weecosse 2
DEI helped build Boeing's, and other manufacturers', WW2 aircraft. The current work culture is today's culprit. Heck, call any customer support line today and you will get someone parroting an answer directly from the company's help manual. Ask what their response means, and they are clueless.
They will read the answer after they put you on hold to look it up.
1mooneymite -3
DEI is destroying Boeing, our government and out country. The motivation behind DEI is pure socialism. Aircraft need to be designed and built by those best able.
azstorm07 0
May want to try spellcheck before using the word “stupid”…
Paul Ipolito 0
Or ignorance.

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Stefan Sobol 5
How many passengers even know what model aircraft they are flying on?
Roger Curtiss 2
Most just look at the fare and scheduled times and have no interest in what type of plane is being operated.
Shawn Jipp 2
TRUE. The most dangerous part is driving to and from the airport.


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