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Smokers Are the Latest Money-Grubbing Scheme of the Air Travel Industry

COMMENTARY | The Belfast International Airport has now begun charging those who want to smoke a cigarette more than $1.60 for the privilege of polluting their lungs inside their designated smoking facility before one's flight takes off. This is one of the latest money-grubbing schemes that airports and airlines have come up with in order to keep on bleeding the turnips of air travelers dry. ( More...

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TTail 0
If you gotta have a smoke before you go flying, then whose fault is that. money grubbing maybe, smart hell yeah. i used to smoke those little killers, so i have a bit of empathy for them, but not too much.

Michael Fuquay 0
Brilliant! I say if people just "gotta have" those death sticks, then by all means, charge admission to those chimney rooms at the airports. But airlines better not even consider it on the plane (even if they could get it legalized). I think they would lose a lot of passengers. There are restaurants I avoided for years, just because it had a breezy smoking section.
bill ccc 0
How is charging a smoker admission tot he smoking room, any different than charging a traveler to use the hotel, showers, lounge or any other facility?

I like to eat, so I pay for my food at the airport. of course that incluides wages, utilities, rent, marketing, upkeep and all the other factos that go in to serving meals.

it costs money to provide the space, clean the ashes, insure against fire, ventilate the air, and wipe the brown film (which many smokers claim doesn;t exist) off the furniture and fixtures. Rather than passing those costs on tot the traveling public as a whole, let he smokers pay for it.
kldfligtrrt 0
i am a smoker I think great Idea especially if the room is post TSA. then keep waiting thru TSA lines cut down. people would not have to be assaulted by second hand smoke. Great way to get revenue. place bill collector like on vending macine. Some airpoets in USA have inside smoking areas. Fair way to collect money and I smoke, i would pay for the priviliage those 2.5 hour layovers much eisier.


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