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Qantas pilots fume over move to fly Australian planes with Kiwi crew

Qantas pilots are up in arms over the airline's plans to fly Australian aircraft with lower-paid pilots employed by a subsidiary in New Zealand. The airline will operate extra flights between Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and Auckland from March next year when its code-share partner Emirates reduces its A380 trans-Tasman services. Qantas will convert seven Boeing 737 aircraft it has registered in New Zealand through its subsidiary Jetconnect to its Qantas' Australian operating licence. But… ( 更多...

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sueridge307 -2
This goes to show Qantas have a shortage of flight crew's they have being leaving the airline to find better conditions and wages. I don;t blame them the way Qantas treat there staff . They don't give a crap just only there management and there failed PR adverts.
matt jensen 1
And, you know this how?


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