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Row over undelivered jets as Airbus threatens to sue airlines

A stand-off over undelivered passenger jets is intensifying after Airbus (AIR.PA) signalled it would sue airlines refusing to honour contracts in the face of the coronavirus crisis. The warning by Chief Executive Guillaume Faury in a news interview came as Airbus announced May deliveries well below normal, despite a partial recovery to 24 jets. Planemakers and lessors have received multiple requests from airlines to delay deliveries due to the slump in air travel. Faury told Politico that some… ( 更多...

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ImperialEagle 0
Not surprising. Desperate people do desperate things.
Airbus has every right to hold a customer to a contract.
However--------suing can get tied up in court for years and the cost of the legal teams will go through the roof. The only ones that end up "winning" are the lawyers.
Airbus will get a reputation for alienating their customer base. Once the bad blood starts to flow it is very hard to stop the bleeding. And negative word of mouth is VERY effective.

It will be interesting to watch this play out.


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