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Xwing completes landmark unmanned flight with Cessna aircraft

Xwing is a Silicon Valley startup developing pilotless aircraft. ( 更多...

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patrick baker 1
This seems like lunacy to me, a million $ aircraft with no humans in the cockpit , even for a short demonstration flight. FOr me , the solution for not enough pilots for commuter airlines is to find, hire, train and dispatch human pilots, and pay them enough to keep their attention.
rstotz 1
Agreed. Many pilots simply quit. The job can be very rewarding, but not financially, and takes a toll on any sort of home/social life. The cargo crews are those that feed the commuter's pilot slots, that feed the airline pilot's slots. So, what exactly is this autoflight thing supposed to fix?

I trust that the person controlling this autoflight plane is also a pilot, the same one that could be flying the plane. Does drone experience on a resume count as flight time in the eyes of the airlines, with regard to hiring qualified pilots?


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