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New U.S. Flights Operated by Chinese Airlines to Avoid Russian Airspace

Chinese airlines are starting to avoid flying over Russian airspace for flights to the US. This suggests that China is looking to improve its relationship with the US as geopolitical tensions increase. ( More...

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coinflyer 5
Paywall. :-((
James Simms 2
I didn’t have a problem
belzybob 2
It doesn't like adblockers, not a paywall.
True Falcon 2
No adblockers, but it doesn't like Firefox Nightly and still gives the adblocker message.
Roy Hunte 0
Use Chrome, or Edge.
MichaelHale 1
I am using Chrome, but also run AdBlock, so no, I can't read the article. I am willing to accept that to stop the ads.
No, China is not looking to improve relationships. It operates from a position of strength against the U.S.
Jason Riddell 2
how so? Chinas export economy is being obliterated and unemployment is skyrocketing
social stability would "improve" if China / US relations "normalized"
oldwineau 2
Try this one

Interesting. But I wish they'd stop using "direct" and "nonstop" interchangeably. It's confusing. A direct flight means you don't have to change planes, but it can have many stops (technically, a direct flight retains the same flight number through multiple stops). Nonstop is the one that doesn't stop. LAX-DFW-JFK, on the same plane, would be a direct flight. LAX-JFK is a nonstop. The DFW-JFK portion of the former would be a nonstop.

I know it's a bit pedantic, but Confucius said, "Wisdom begins with calling things by their right names." OK, maybe he didn't say, but he should have! lol.
feknight 1
Like the UAL flights HNL <-> GUM. You have 2 choices. Both choices are direct; 1 choice is a non-stop (often a 777) and the other (the Island Hopper, a 737) has 4 or 5 stops (all the same flight number). BIG Difference!
Dave Duca 0
No. In US, “direct” means same flight number. I had a direct Denver to Bangkok. We changed aircraft in Seattle and Tokyo. You can miss your connection on a direct flight.
Bob LaMontagne 1
My Chrome adblocker is off. Still get adblocker message. Forcing you to use their service :-(
Could well be but tread with care...!!!
Preston Daniel 0
All about to strengthen China not the us.


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