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Canada wildfire smoke again slows flights in the Eastern U.S.

Smoke from Canada wildfires could disrupt flights in the Eastern U.S. again Thursday after hundreds were delayed a day earlier due to decreased visibility, the Federal Aviation Administration said. “The FAA will likely need to take steps to manage the flow of traffic safely into New York City, [Washington] DC, Philadelphia and Charlotte [North Carolina] due to reduced visibility from wildfire smoke,” the agency said. The FAA briefly halted inbound traffic to Philadelphia International Airport… ( More...

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James Simms 1
‘Smoke ‘Em if you got ‘Em’.
linbb 0
What I find really strange is the eastern US seems to be over reported on all news outlets. On the west coast we have had the same smoke problems in CA OR ID and WA states at times in years past. Does the big three news channels ever cover that? not so much if at all just our local news channels. Do I feel for them on the east coast? NO


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