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Red Bull Pilot Buzzes Control Tower

I'm not a pilot ....just love aircraft, but this seems like crazy, stupid, idiotic antics by the tower allowing this. Not just one time either. ( More...

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Rob Harrison 11
I know these guys and fly shows with them. There are no more safety-aware and careful pilots in the world than professional airshow pilots. We are the only professional pilots that have the FAA watching us EVERY time we fly at a show. As someone pointed out, if at a show, the field was closed. The flight was legal, safe, and no big deal. You ever seen a real airshow? Flybys are the mildest part of it. This was just a little perk for the tower dudes.
tim mitchell 2
I don't know if you know him or not but you might since you fly shows with them....Yo man tell their helicopter pilot that he is
SootBox 4
"Can I get a landing gear check?"
humpybong 3
How good was that and how tight was the turn.
tim mitchell 5
If was during an airshow the field was probably closed anyway...also just because an airport has a control tower doesn't mean that the airport is extremely busy; it could just be a reliever.
Jeffrey Babey 2
That makes sense, pretty fun to watch!
tim mitchell 1
Redbull......It gives you wings
Hey Jerry, thanks for posting! But he is not an idiot..! This man can fly and he know his plane! A flyby is nothing special for a professional pilot, it's a normal part on an airshow.
Jeffrey Babey 2
Totally a "Top Gun Maverick move"
Jerry Ryan 2
Listening to them talk in the tower, someone up there had a clue of what was going on, because if you listen after the first fly-by, someone asks more or less if they want him to do it again...
Thanks Martial, I just enjoyed the whole episode,the thrilled squeaks of the air traffic controllers in there....wish I'd been there!
:-) my words Debbie... my words.... I am a pilot too and a low pass is a great funny thing! Unfortunately I never had a similar experience like these folks in the tower... :-)))
Marcus Pradel 2
Loving it!
sparkie624 2
Nice shot... I did not hear him get a clearance however... :)
Dave Purscell 2
He did.
Robert Frank 5

Go back to sleep.
Richard Shaw 3
You obviously are a dull person to think this was idiotic... lighten up if you were there you would have loved it i bet.
Fred Moore 2
I was lucky to fly a lot in third world countries where the Feds would never dare show up for fear of getting shot by the bad guys, or perhaps even eaten. We pulled a lot of crap and never hurt anyone. The guy can fly and the tower guys loved it. So what.
Casey Duke 2
The only people that complain about things pilots do are their wives and other pilots. Wives becausee pilots leave their dirty pilot clothes all around and other pilots because they think they know that the other pilot is doing something wrong. "He shouldn't be "buzzing" that tower!" It was wrong in TOP GUN, it is still wrong today.
Dolf Brouwers 2
great stuff ! !!! what would aviation be without a thrill (controlled) now and then !!!
Bruce Boaze 1
Hey, when you live and breathe aircraft...
Atleast it was in total agreement on all sides ... But what happens if FAA in DC sees the footage ?
Dee Lowry 1
Brilliant, Red Bull! If I was in the tower you would have definately gotten my heart started! Loved it! Nothing beats the thrill of a "fly-by"!
Frank Cleary 1
Retired FAA type, not ATC or flight involved. Know enough to wonder if the tower supervisor is still employed.
pete krohn 1
awww, thats nuthin! ever do a fly thru of an open ended tobacco barn in a bi-plane? nobody can have fun anymore, jeeeeez! ;-))
Eric Marenyi 1
Freegin cool... I don't know why anyone would get butt hurt about that, they obviously loved it!
Dale Denisar 1
Jerry, He wasn't even close.
gftt 1
Very cool !!!!
At6reo 1
totally outstanding..Wish I was in that tower.
ken young 1
THAT was cool!
Tim Bray 1
That was a great video, looked like the pilot had several hundred feet clearance. The turn around near the end was GREAT!Nice post/.
Dale Denisar 1
Orville and Wilbur would have never flown had they been subject to the micro-managed, over regulated aviation environment of today.
Jon Provencher 1
Old video, but still so entertaining! Anyone know if this is real?
linbb 5
Real easy to see it is, he had asked before probably by phone listen to the very first words it was planned from the start. Beyond that who knows if it was legal or not but they basicly cleared him to do it.
Kenny Amis 1
I was a passenger in a Cessna 172 once and we buzzed the city boat basin and the police were waiting at the airport when we returned the rented plane. The pilot was very fortunate not to lose his license. Not a smart thing to do. Had the engine failed it would have been "curtains". Now the higher altitude the safer I feel, more chance to find a field to glide to in case of an engine failure.
jdworley -1
Great story but what does that have to do with this video?
Chuck Chall 1
Great pass. To the whiners, he was about 1000 times farther away from the tower than he usually is from a pylon. Hardly dangerous.
Peter Manfredi 1
I thought it was fun and I bet the pilot enjoyed it as did the tower folks.. Got to have some fun in life. Can't always be afraid of the big bad wolf ya know.
dbleess 1
Don't get me started on the FAA. As a government agency, they are as bureaucratic and as screwed up as any other agency.

They are mismanaged from the highest levels and regulations are designed as a blind one size fits all which prevents the promotion and expansion of General Aviation when over zealously and blindly applied.

At the same time, they cannot deal with many of the real blatant safety issues out there that aren't so random, paranoid and what-if based.

They are a lot like speed trap cops that go after low lying fruit of speeding because it is a easier law to enforce by automation and it pleases the loud and skittish. Enforcement by lowest common denominator.

They don't ever go after the obstruction of traffic that is a far bigger cause of accidents.

FAA inspectors fight the same sorts of enforcement restrictions and prorities from on high.
tlewis95630 0
As a former FAA Insp most airshows are conducted under a waiver and waivers do not allow this , airport open or closed. The FAR's specifically state the distance or clearaance from obstructions or structures specifically occupied structures. However cool this manuver was technically illegal. Cearance from ATC does not make it legal. A slip-up and this could turn out to be a horrible tradgedy.
Ronald Padgett 4
Yeah, yeah... and if the engine failed on takeoff, etc., etc.
Nicholas Moss 4
Today I Learned that proper spelling, punctuation and grammar are not requirements to be hired as a FAA inspector.
tlewis95630 1
I accept my digs sir, trust me I know how to spell, Just a quick note on my phone in low light it is not a novel. It still does not change the fact that it was illegal. Also as another commenter noted somebody may be in hot water over that stunt. Safety is not a joke and should be taken seriously Nicholas.
Nicholas Moss 1
You really need to learn the difference between what is illegal, and what is a violation of regulations.
tlewis95630 3
Illegal - forbidden by law or statute. 2. contrary to or forbidden by official rules, regulations, etc. you can reduce it to it's lowest semantic point, but wrong is wrong. That is why the NTSB is criticizing the GA accident rate because of hair splitters. Operating an aircraft is a privilege and not a right. When you do so there is a personal responsibility that goes with that privilege.I am not one that advocates big brother carrying of a big stick, but I despise irresponsible and dangerous acts. Trust me brother I have seen enough body bags, and many of those people probably wish they had another chance, end of story.
tim mitchell 3
jason kline -6
If your not a pilot why are you commenting on something you are not educated on, pls go back to the couch.
Toby Sharp 0
Don't give us all a rep for being "A"holes on here Jason.
allan stanley -3
bad idea
could be a disaster for all involved
and also for general aviation as well
Alan Morris -3
Sorry, guys. If you want cheap thrills go to an amusement park. If you want to fly, play by the rules and put safety first.


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